FedEx Custom Critical... Nonstop or door-to-door service, with same- or next-day delivery. Available 24/7/365, utilizing our trucking fleet for surface-expedited service. Air options, from exclusive-use charters to premium air freight throughout the US, Canada and Europe.
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Creating a Crisis Roadmap for People
A new type of crisis event impacts people, rather than assets. Steve Timmons shows us three areas that need to be addressed, individually, then integrated collectively to ensure personnel are prepared, protected and supported.
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NYC Mayor Says City Won’t Rely on Feds in Hurricane
Wait for FEMA to help after a hurricane? No way, says NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Instead, the city has a new plan to use only its own resources should disaster strike. Click HERE>>

US Unprepared for Net Meltdown, CEOs Warn
The nation needs to prepare itself for a massive Internet outage, warns a group of the country’s top CEOs. Are we headed for a “Katrina” on the Internet? Click HERE>>

Lott and Collins Compromise on FEMA Reorganization
Senators Trent Lott and Susan Collins have reached an agreement to revitalize FEMA. But with the agency remaining under the DHS, will everyone buy-in to the plan? Click HERE>>

Energy Businesses Make Big Changes in Preparedness
This hurricane season may have had a quiet start, but that may all change. Now the energy sector is making big preparedness moves. Has the industry learned Katrina’s lessons? Click HERE>>

US No Safer Now Than on 9/11, Richard Clarke Claims
Outspoken author Richard Clarke is claiming the nation is no safer today than it was five years ago on September 11. Is he making a point or just making news? Click HERE>>

How to Get Everyone on Board for Security
IT security professionals sometimes feel like implementing security policies is a losing battle. When it comes to security, do you feel like you’re an army of one? Click HERE>>

"101 Uses for Emergency Notification" - New E-Book details automated crisis communication scenarios by industry and job function. Each scenario includes suggested responses and actions. Sponsored by MessageOne. Download a free copy here>>

It's Time to Think Mitigation
An earthquake can cripple the unprotected office in a matter of seconds. The estimated damage to computers during the Loma Prieta earthquake was $100 million according to FEMA. Equipment fasteners can make a difference. Don’t wait.
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DRJ Fall World 2006 Save the date! Sept. 17-20; San Diego. DRJ is raising the expectations of what a conference should offer, reaching higher than ever to provide attendees with the ultimate seminar experience. For practitioners of all levels. Click HERE>>


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Strohl Systems and ESi Announce Strategic Partnership

King of Prussia, PA – Strohl Systems and ESi, an Incident Management Systems purveyor, announce a partnership to create a new tool that will enable better management of recovery efforts. It will integrate with Strohl’s planning software, LDRPS, and provide customer tools that enable remote incident communications, tracking and monitoring of events as well as simulated plan testing.

Fire India 2007 Exhibition & Conference
It is the sixth Conference in the series of highly successful Fire Safety Exhibitions. This event will be held on November 21-23. Fire Officers and Executives, Training Officers, Firefighters, Fire/EMS Chiefs, Federal Disaster Responders, Consultants, Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Academicians, Technologists, Engineers, Researchers, Health & Safety Personnel and anyone else interested are invited!

Fargo Electronics Announces New Professional Services Team
Minneapolis, MN – Fargo announces the introduction of Fargo Professional Services, a team of experienced specialists who work in conjunction with Fargo integrators to develop innovative and comprehensive solutions for large identity card programs. With it, you can “accelerate program implementation and reduce costs of integration, interoperability and technical support,” says Joe Wright, Director.

Amcom Software to Enter Utilities Market with IT Consulting Firm TEAM US
Minneapolis, MN – Jack Collins, Amcom CEO, says, “TEAM US has an impressive track record and client base in the global utilities market that will provide Amcom a strong advantage and credibility as we enter this new market.” Amcom’s e.Notify automated notification system helps mission critical organizations initiate, manage and monitor emergency notifications.

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