Myths and Mistakes in Pandemic Communications Can your organization survive a pandemic? Debunk myths and avoid common communication mistakes with expert Dr. Robert Chandler in the first of a four-part avian flu webinar series sponsored by 3n. Attendance limited. Click HERE>>

Seven Questions for the Top Emergency Managers They call themselves the “Big Seven.” They are the emergency managers from seven of the country’s largest cities. Recently, we asked them about how they handle preparedness and response. Click HERE>> to see what they had to say.

Miami Ranked As Highest Disaster Risk City
A new survey says Miami is the US city at the highest risk of being hit by natural disaster. What other cities are high-risk – and which are not? Click HERE>>

Senate Ratifies “World’s Worst” Internet Law
Late last week, the Senate ratified the Convention on Cybercrime, a five-year old treaty some groups have dubbed the “world’s worst” Internet law. But is it really so bad? Click HERE>>

Radio over IP Can Help First Responders, Expert Says
Radio over IP is a hot topic in emergency management circles, and now one expert says it’s the wave of the future. But is public safety ready for RoIP? Click HERE>>

Security Flaws Identified in Port Worker ID Plan
The DHS’s plan to make port workers carry “tamper-proof” photo ID cards is rife with security flaws, say investigators. Is the ID plan the right way to protect our ports? Click HERE>>

Power Outages Could Delay Emergency Response
The extreme heat this summer is causing more than just parts of the nation to swelter, as power outages occur in major cities. What happens to 9-1-1 if the power goes out? Click HERE>>

Colleges Rife with Cyber Breaches, Report Says
Talk about higher learning: colleges are now considered “textbook” cases of cybersecurity breaches, as a new report finds more than 100 schools have been hit since 2005. Click HERE>>

Understanding Pandemics: The Human Side of BCP
In a disaster, many may be unable to work. In this free Webcast of Aug. 22, L. Koonin and R. Cocchiara share info about BCP that can help you stay ahead of the curve. Click HERE>>

How well does your email archive support your DR, e-Discovery, storage management, and compliance needs? MessageOne's Store Once, Use Everywhere™ EMS Email Archive ensures you are never at a loss for email. View a webinar to learn more. Click HERE>>

Going All the Way: Putting Plans Into Action 54th IAEM Annual Conference & EMEX 2006 Exhibit. November 12-15: Orlando, FL. Sessions encourage the exchange of ideas on collaborating to protect lives and property from disaster. Don't miss it! Click HERE>>


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TAMP Systems Announces the Release of DRS-i Version 4.3
Merrick, NY – It is the web based model of the Disaster Recovery System, the Internet-based DR and BCP software. DRS-i v4.3 includes enhancements such as a Risk Assessment and a Business Impact Analysis, as well as enhanced functionality for its Documentation Management System, Database Management System, Report Management System, Content and Security.

COMCARE Highlights Need for Interoperability Before Homeland Security Committee
Washington, DC – The hearings were entitled, "Is our nation prepared for a public health disaster?"
and were set up in response to reports released by the Institute of Medicine which depicted a dim future for emergency medical care. As part of their recommendations, the importance of modern emergency information systems to improve the efficiency of emergency care was highlighted.

FSI Integrated Surge Capacity Systems
FSI offers a large range of Heavy Duty pneumatic and structural shelters. All can be interconnected in a spoke and hub design for the creation of multiple use, modular, scalable, ‘sufficiency of care’ facilities. Their systems are ideal for incidents ranging from hours to weeks, when ease, speed of deployment, limited storage space, and budgets are critical decision factors.

Cummins 250 kW Generator Set Is Certified to Meet EPA Tier 3 Emissions Regulations
Minneapolis, MN –The advanced engine design reduces oxides of nitrogen through a recipe of advanced in-cylinder combustion technology that uses new combustion chamber geometry and advanced electronic fuel injection. These design changes are coupled with full-authority electronic engine controls for tighter control of engine operating parameters.

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