Back up your network with satellite:
SES AMERICOM has a suite of three disaster recovery solutions that can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing corporate network infrastructure: 1.) Shared Network; 2.) Private Network; 3.) On-Demand Satellite Services. Click HERE>>

What Does Enterprise RM Have To Do With BC? Companies that, in last year’s hurricanes, weathered storms through DR plans and experienced little impact to their businesses, had an integrated process in place, a major principle of Enterprise RM. Carol A. Fox tells us more. Click HERE>>

Study of Nursing Home Disasters Recommends Changes
The botched evacuation of seniors from nursing homes during last year’s Gulf Coast hurricanes has prompted a new report suggesting changes. Will it save our seniors? Click HERE>>

US and Canada Partner to Coordinate Emergency Response
After a trade exercise along the border, agencies from the US and Canada say they’ve updated their plans to coordinate response. Will it improve response during a crisis? Click HERE>>

Airport Screening Technology Could Include RFID
TSA screeners are ramping up security after the UK terrorist plot, and the agency is now looking to use controversial RFID technology to help. Will the new screening protect us? Click HERE>>

Don’t Overlook Power for Telecom, Experts Say
In the face of disaster, whether natural or man-made, telecommunications must be resilient. Would you have enough power for your telecoms network if a disaster struck? Click HERE>>

Most US Companies Have Lost Laptops with Data
Eighty-one percent of companies have lost one or more laptops containing sensitive information in the past year. Why can’t we keep track of our laptops? Click HERE>>

Feds Must Adapt to New Style of Cyberwarfare, CEO Says
As the warfare in cyberspace keeps changing, John Thompson, CEO of Symantec, is urging the government to change its network defense to keep pace with advancements. Click HERE>>

BC + BIA + Crisis Management Templates -
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Amcom Software's e.Notify
automated notification software delivers the right information to the right people at the right time for any critical event. Emergency Notification and Response. Knowing who to contact is just the beginning... Click HERE>>

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CH2M HILL to Participate in Strong Angel III Integrated DR Demonstration
Denver, CO — The demonstration is of civil and military cooperation and communication capabilities put together by a partnership of private companies, government agencies, humanitarian and relief agencies and universities. It runs August 21-26 in San Diego, CA. Strong Angel III will field test effective means of delivering life-saving humanitarian relief and rapidly deployable communications systems in the wake of disasters.

COMCARE Joins Over 60 Organizations in Calling on Congress and Agencies
Washington, DC — They called on them to include all emergency response agencies and all forms of communications in federal policymaking and funding. The organizations specifically called for expanding current policies to include inter-organizational communications and data communications - not just radios. The message came in the form of two letters, one to Congress and one to DHHS and DOJ.

Farewell To Two Industry Leaders
Two great industry leaders have passed away recently. Lacy Suiter, former director of Tennessee Emergency Management and executive associate director for the Response and Recovery Directorate at FEMA, on August 8th, and Craig Marks, assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, founder and president of Blue Horizons Consulting, LLC, and director of operations for Blue Sky Foundation, on August 9th.

IT Security World Conference & Expo 2006
San Francisco, CA — September 25-27 — IT Security World is back, expanded to include new Sector Summits, more session choices and presentations. This event offers in-depth case studies, thought-provoking keynotes, a technology-rich expo, and a jam-packed program of extras that will round out your experience and enable you to see information security in a larger perspective.

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