Take another look at your hurricane preparedness plans for the season! The 2006 Executive Guide to Hurricane Preparedness contains best practices, business continuity tips, and case studies from well-prepared organizations. Sponsored by MessageOne. Click HERE>>

What You Don’t Know About Katrina Recovery In New Orleans hurricanes are a fact of life. However, Katrina’s devastation unleashed unique challenges never experienced. It reinforces the old adage: expect the unexpected. Theresa Williams expounds. Click HERE>>

Education Department Gives 74 Schools in 26 States Emergency Grants
The Department of education is handing out emergency response plans to 74 of the country’s schools. Will your child’s school benefit from the funds? Click HERE>>

First Responders Preparation for WMD Attack Still Lagging
If first responders are the country’s first line of defense against a terrorist attack, why can’t they respond to a WMD attack? That’s the question one industry expert is asking. Click HERE>>

New Program Could Partner Counties for Disaster Management
An Arkansas pilot program could see two counties partnered to pool resources for disaster preparedness. Is this a solution other states can use to overcome funding issues? Click HERE>>

Studies Find Weak Oversight of Homeland Security Funds
Two reviews found weaknesses in Arizona’s homeland security grant spending, and recommended ways officials can tighten their watch. Can all states benefit from these ideas? Click HERE>>

NY Insurers Say Katrina Ruling Won’t Affect Coverage
Will the recent court ruling on Katrina damages affect how insurance companies provide coverage? Not in New York, say that state’s insurers. What will they say in your state? Click HERE>>

Homeland Security Funds to Boost Communication in Nebraska
Emergency communications is a hot issue among first responders. Now Nebraska says that’s where it will focus funds. How is your state spending its Homeland Security dollars? Click HERE>>

Emergency Lifeline
72-hour Personnel Support EvacuationSearch & Rescue Medical ResponseFood & Water SanitationSupplying companies worldwide since 1985. "We can be afraid or we can be ready," former DHS Secretary. Click HERE>>

PLYLOX™ Commercial Hurricane Window Clips. NEW!
The ingenious, inexpensive and non-destructive way to protect your windows from high winds and airborne debris. Installed in seconds, the clips require no drilling, nails, screws or adhesive. Click HERE>>

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Santa Ana, CAKathy Rainey, publisher of the annual, printed Disaster Resource GUIDE and the weekly Continuity e-GUIDE, has announced a special “Facility Issues” edition of the GUIDE which will focus exclusively on facilities as they relate to business continuity, disaster preparedness, security and emergency management. Professionals with responsibilities in these areas can receive (free) this special, printed edition by signing up online at http://www.disaster-resource.com/cgi-bin/freeguide.cgi
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New Book: RESPONSE! Planning & Training for Emergency Recovery
Managing the aftermath of a disaster or crisis is extremely difficult and will have unpredictable results unless serious planning has taken place prior to the event and a simple but solid plan is activated immediately after the event. “RESPONSE! Planning & Training for Emergency Recovery” provides the necessary education and leadership skills to successfully create and implement a business continuity plan. http://www.responsebook.com/

PERI Awarded $75K Grant from DHS to Develop Toolkit on Volunteer Liability
Fairfax, VA — PERI  announces that it has been awarded a grant from the DHS to research and develop tools and best practices for minimizing liability risks when utilizing volunteers—including the use of citizens and volunteers to support emergency responders. http://www.riskinstitute.org/PERI/NEWS/PERI+Awardedon+Volunteer+Liabilit.htm

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