Webinar: Devising Your Pandemic Communication Plan Create a four-phase pandemic communication plan based on WHO’s pandemic phases with expert Dr. Robert Chandler in the second of a four-part avian flu webinar series sponsored by 3n. Sign up today—attendance limited. Click HERE>>

Five Years Later: How Have We Changed Since 9/11? Continuity e-GUIDE editor Alison Dunn looks at the past week's coverage of the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks to find out: Did 9/11 really reshape our world? Click HERE>>

NYC First Responders Have More Duties but Less Experience since 9/11
Not only is the FDNY still trying to replace the 350 firefighters killed on 9/11, but also the hundreds that have retired since. But can the department replace their experience? Click HERE>>

Public Safety Interoperability is Slowly Gaining Ground
Most of the country’s mayors feel we’ve made communications interoperability improvements in the five years since 9/11, but are they happening as quickly as we need them? Click HERE>>

Wireless Network Helps Responders Access Critical Information
Access to information is critical for first responders. Now Providence, Rhode Island, has unveiled a wireless network to help responders access information anywhere. Click HERE>>

Universities Lean on Each Other for Better Disaster Recovery
Events like 9/11 taught us the importance of good DR plans. But the nation’s universities don’t have the funds for better DR. How are they overcoming those challenges? Click HERE>>

Security Funding is Falling in Some Areas
Some cities have found their share of homeland security dollars plummeting. Now that 9/11 is fading in our memories, are we only allocating dollars to high-risk targets? Click HERE>>

DHS and FBI Meld Fingerprint Databases
The DHS, created after 9/11, and the FBI are working together to merge their disparate fingerprint databases in an attempt to capture more terrorists. Will it improve security? Click HERE>>

Comprehensive BC Management Program book
is a complete program for business that includes advice for all development. Planning can be extremely overwhelming... But this book makes it easy for you! Standard language enables quick review. Click HERE>>

Emergency Lifeline
72-hour Personnel Support EvacuationSearch & Rescue Medical ResponseFood & Water SanitationSupplying companies worldwide since 1985. "We can be afraid or we can be ready," former DHS Secretary. Click HERE>>

Business Continuity Planning & Emergency Preparedness Best Strategies for Emergency Planning to Optimize Response and Recovery Success. November 13-15, 2006. Crowne Plaza, San Francisco, CA. Hear case studies on preparing for pandemic and natural disasters. Click HERE>>


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Emergency Response Technologies Displayed at "Silicon Valley Simulation Day”
Mountain View, CA — For the first time, volunteers with communications and technology experience will be invited to join in a coordinated movement to use their skills to help relief teams respond to crises. On September 19, a group of nonprofit organizations and business partners, will hold the first "Silicon Valley Simulation Day” to demonstrate new technologies that can help relief teams communicate and manage information in a crisis. http://www.humaninet.org/events.html

September is… National Preparedness Month
This important initiative is designed to promote family emergency preparedness. On this Web site you will learn how you can participate. It’s sponsored by the DHS, who will work with organizations to promote individual involvement through events and activities across the nation. We invite you to review the National Preparedness Month information on this Web site and to participate in this important effort. http://www.ready.gov/america/npm/index.htm

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