Planning to implement an Emergency Notification System? This single tool can help you determine and prioritize your key requirements for automated alert notification: Download this comprehensive "Request For Proposal" (RFP) template, Sponsored by MessageOne. Click HERE>>

Responding to Privacy Breaches A breach response plan is no guarantee of avoiding bad publicity or a negative impact to your business. However, being prepared will help to mitigate the effect and preserve the organization’s downfall. Rebecca Herold examines why. Click HERE>>

More Hurricane Forecast Research Needed, Study Says
The International Hurricane Research Center has listed the top 10 hurricane-vulnerable areas. Will more research into long-term forecasting minimize some of the risk they face? Click HERE>>

Colorado Fire Department Faces Funding Dilemma
Officials in Colorado fear they aren’t eligible for grant money now that the city’s new firefighters are reporting for duty. Could your area’s funding be in jeopardy too? Click HERE>>

New Zealand Crisis IT System is No Closer to Reality
New Zealand hasn’t made any progress toward implementing a National Crisis Management System since 2004. Is a lack of funds to blame – or just bureaucracy? Click HERE>>

DHS Shells Out Funds for Port Security
The DHS handed out more than $168 million last week for port security, but not everyone is happy with the distribution. Who are the funding winners – and losers? Click HERE>>

Is the Hewlett Packard Scandal a Test for Top Exec?
Corporate governance has been all over the news recently as officials at HP are raked over the coals. But is the scandal nothing more than a test for the company’s CEO? Click HERE>>

Audit Finds Lack of Coordination in Security Spending
A newspaper in Indiana audited how its communities used post-9/11 grants, and found duplication and lack of coordination. Are people there getting the security they pay for? Click HERE>>

NorE First Response
is a manufacturer of mass decontamination equipment - providing turnkey service from supply to training. Product includes isolation/ quarantine; mass casualty cache; and multi-disciplinary decontamination/ response units. Click HERE>>

Software's e.Notify automated notification software delivers the right information to the right people at the right time for any critical event. Emergency Notification and Response.  Knowing who to contact is just the beginning... Click HERE>>

Corp. Security, BC and Crisis Mgmt. Conference Join executives, policy experts, and government officials to examine increasing and complex threats confronting corporations. You will evaluate best practices and cutting-edge solutions. Click HERE>>


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Initiatives To Commemorate Two Colleagues In Our Profession
The “IAEM Scholarship Program” accepts donations in honor/memory of Craig Marks and /or Lacy E. Suiter. The Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School has established the “Lacy E. Suiter Policy Forum” for senior public and private sector leaders to come together to discuss the “next big issues” in the areas of emergency management and homeland security.

MADRA's Next Meeting To Entail Discussions On Regulations & Guidelines In Industry
College Park, MD – For BC Planners there is a need to understand and comply with regulations and guidelines issued by regulatory bodies. What are they? Are they mandatory or guidelines? This meeting hopes to develop a comprehensive list of sources to help with these and get a better understanding of what is important to BCP planners.

Waypoint Advisory Announces the Continuity Program Auditor
Thornton, PA – Using the software, an organization interacts with its content of some 250 business continuity “audit checkpoints”, identifies their organization’s position relative to those checkpoints, prioritizes specific areas for further attention, annotates and assigns take-aways for follow up actions, generates management reports, and maintains a status of open items requiring attention for achieving business continuity capability.

Largest Health Care Provider in Florida Implements myCOOP Software

Herndon, VA – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida has implemented myCOOP Version 5.3 software, an ASP-delivered BCP package. The full life cycle of the Professional Practices is delivered securely over the Internet with a powerful, integrated package. “With COOP Systems our business results were quickly realized, as we expected,” said Chris Gay, Director of Disaster Recovery at BCBSF.

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