The New Business Continuity Professional: Why the Business Continuity Professional Role is Transforming and How to Make the Transformation Now! IBM can help you manage the recovery, resilience and continuity of your organization. Register for a 30-minute Web seminar replay. Click HERE>>

Satellite Communications: An Essential Tool for EM and DR D. Hartshorn and A. Maleter show us how satellite communications are the ultimate solution to having a good alternative to terrestrial wireless equipment, which, in an emergency or disaster, may not be available. Click HERE>>

Few Cities Prepared for Evacuation Procedures, Study Finds
A new report has handed out failing grades to most of the nation’s largest cities over how well they can evacuate their populations. Click HERE>>

Major Corporations are Forging New Disaster Planning Ties
Public/private partnerships have long been considered an effective preparedness tool. Now 30 of the country’s top CEOs are teaming up to strengthen those partnerships. Click HERE>>

FAO Launches Disease Crisis Center for Bird Flu
To speed emergency response to the avian flu, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization has created a crisis management center. Will it help us prepare for a pandemic? Click HERE>>

NYC Transit Workers Question Evacuation Preparedness
Transit workers in New York City testified their only evacuation training is to put on masks and run for their lives. Do they need better training on safety and evacuation procedures? Click HERE>>

Is Anti-Terror Money Going Where it’s Needed?
The DHS is under fire — again — for how it is passing out its anti-terrorism funds. Will we ever accept how the DHS disburses the funds? Should we accept it? Click HERE>>

Manhattan Crash Highlights Air Security Issues
Last week’s plane crash in Manhattan not only claimed lives, it once again raised the specter of 9/11. Now many are asking: Should planes be buzzing around our large cities? Click HERE>>

“101 Uses for Emergency Notification” — How will you use your crisis communication system? This E-Book provides detailed notification scenarios by industry and job function. Maximize your ROI! Sponsored by MessageOne. 
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NorE First Response
is a manufacturer of mass decontamination equipment - providing turnkey service from supply to training. Product includes isolation/ quarantine; mass casualty cache; and multi-disciplinary decontamination/ response units. Click HERE>>

SIA BCP Conference and Exhibit. 10/31 - 11/1/06. NYC. This event is widely recognized as the most innovative BC event. It covers BC Planning sound practices, current threats and challenges, emergency management, regulatory issues and more. Click HERE>>


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U.S. Emergency Response
Save the Children, a leading child-focused relief and development agency, seeks two full-time positions — National Director and Program Associate - for its Domestic Emergency Management Unit (DEMU). The DEMU will be responsible for operations and strategic initiatives driving the direction of domestic emergency response efforts. Please visit our Career Website at: and apply online.

Nat’l Guard Purchases RAE Systems’ Wireless Chemical/Radiation Sensor Syst
San Jose, CA — RAE Systems Inc. a provider of deployable sensor networks that enable customers to identify safety and security threats in real time, announces that the National Guard has purchased and received delivery of custom configured RAE Systems’ AreaRAE, wireless, Rapid Deployment Kits to equip all 55 Civil Support Teams with portable toxic gas and radiation detection equipment.

Prepared Response, Inc. Receives Focus on Innovation Award
Colorado Springs, CO — Prepared Response, Inc. received the award from the National Homeland Defense Foundation. PRI was selected from more that 100 companies for its work in the area of statewide crisis management planning and response systems. The award is given to companies who display excellence in innovation and provide new technologies used for homeland defense in the battle against global terrorism.

FEMA Clarifies Policy on Mapping Areas Protected By Levees
Washington, DC — FEMA announces new guidance, which provides communities additional time to gather data needed to assess the protective capabilities of levees while still allowing new Flood Insurance Rate Maps to be released on time. FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are working together on this and are making sure that the maps accurately represent the flood risks posed to areas situated behind the levees.

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