asks, “How will you account for your employees during a pandemic?” By blending inbound and outbound communication channels, you can quickly and reliably reach out to your employees and receive vital information back via any communication device. LEARN MORE>>

From Site Selection to Data Protection: A Variety of Technologies Can Help Facilities Prepare Technology is one area where facility managers can implement improvements. Taking action can save facilities and, more importantly, lives. Tom Condon tells us more. Click HERE>>

Security Threat Changing, Says Symantec CEO
The security threat from hackers is shifting rapidly to attacks on electronic transactions, says Symantec CEO John Thompson. Why have the types of attacks suddenly changed? Click HERE>>

Congress Boosts Security Funding and Tightens Scrutiny
The DHS and the Defense Department could get another $20 billion in funding – but Congress isn’t going to hand over the funds without some conditions. Click HERE>>

Starbucks Loses Laptops with Worker Data
Someone walked out of a Starbucks with a lot more than a grande non-fat latte. The company has lost track of four laptops with private information about 60,000 employees. Click HERE>>

Tighten Cybersecurity or Risk an Attack, Expert Warns
Security experts are sounding an alarm, saying nations like China could have cyberspies inside our systems right now. How effective are our cybesecurity initiatives? Click HERE>>

Camera Manufacturers Push the Boundaries
Security camera manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of technology to create truly innovative equipment. But will all these advances really improve physical security? Click HERE>>

Illinois Veterinarians Trained As Emergency First Responders
Veterinarians in Illinois are getting special training to respond to animal health emergencies. But will the training work in response to an avian flu pandemic? Click HERE>>

Interstate Restoration Group, one of the most respected and trusted independently operated disaster recovery companies specializing in commercial, industrial, institutional and healthcare mitigation due to fire, smoke, wind and water damage. Click HERE>>

Break the Chain of Infection
The Go-Kit product is a professionally selected set of health protection tools and techniques that can significantly reduce cross-contamination and disease transmission. Interested? For more information  Click HERE>>

Business Continuity Planning & Emergency Preparedness Best Strategies for Emergency Planning to Optimize Response and Recovery Success. November 13-15, 2006. Crowne Plaza, San Francisco, CA. Hear case studies on preparing for pandemic and natural disasters. Click HERE>>


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Nat’l. Center for Crisis Mgt. Offers Two On-Site Workshops for Corporations

A serious illness. Loss of a loved one. Divorce. An accident. Corporate restructuring. People experience personal crises every day. This workshop presentation is based on Dr. Mark Lerner's latest book, “It's OK Not To Be OK... Right Now, How to Live Through a Traumatic Experience.” This half or one day, on-site program will help employees to help themselves and others during a challenging life experience. http://www.crisisinfo.org/nccm/

APCO Mississippi Continues Katrina Relief Efforts One Year Later
Biloxi, MS – Immediately following Katrina, the APCO Mississippi chapter established a disaster relief fund and delivered gift cards to dispatchers affected by the hurricane exactly one year ago, a week before last. To celebrate the anniversary of this event, the group, along with NENA, returned to the coast to distribute additional gift cards to the affected communications centers. http://www.apcointl.org/news/2006/20061101MississippiContinuesKatrinaRelief.html

UTC Fire & Security Opens Asia Headquarters
Shanghai, China -UTC Fire & Security announced recently the official opening of its Asia headquarters in Shanghai’s Citigroup Tower. UTC Fire & Security is a unit of United Technologies Corp. The company designs, manufactures, integrates, installs and services fire detection systems. http://www.utcfireandsecurity.com/utcfs/

American Military University's Homeland Security Conference 
Charles Town, WV – U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, ranking member of the Committee on Homeland Security and Lieutenant General Russel Honoré commander of Joint Task Force Katrina will speak at its February homeland security conference. Dr. Frank McCluskey, provost, says, “Our ‘Ripple Effect’ symposium will present integrated approaches — and real tools — for outlying cities and counties.” http://www.apus.edu/disaster/index.htm

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