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Whether it’s a natural disaster, an accident, or interruption that affects your business, IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services can help you be prepared to recover more easily from unforeseen circumstances—rapidly. Click HERE>>

Disaster Recovery Prevention A proactive approach to preventing disasters is a philosophy for facilities that cannot afford downtime. The basic idea is: plan for the moment after a failure, but first—fight not to fail at all! R. Einhorn & K. Godrich examine how to do this. Click HERE>>

Democratic Majority to Push for Domestic Security

Reports suggest the Democratic majority will strengthen domestic security by pouring millions into airport and port security. Will those changes mean changes to funding? Click HERE>>

Nation Doesn’t Understand Scale of Katrina, Official Says
Louisiana’s director of Homeland Security says Congress and the rest of the nation don’t fully understand the destruction Katrina wrought. Is that why recovery is still underway? Click HERE>>

Iowa County Emergency Commission Faces Financial Trouble
An Iowa emergency management commission is facing some serious financial trouble after missing grant application deadlines. Can other areas learn from its mistakes? Click HERE>>

Defending Data a Security Focus for 2007
IT managers say both regulations and high-profile data breaches mean they need better data-level controls in 2007. But is this really where we should focus our attention? Click HERE>>

FEMA Gives Itself a ‘10’ for Earthquake Relief
The much-maligned Federal Emergency Management Agency is giving itself a perfect score for its response to the recent earthquake in Hawai’i. But did it really make the grade? Click HERE>>

DHS to Test Technologies on Cargo at Seattle Airport
The DHS is beginning to test some of its latest technology on air cargo screening at Seattle’s airport. But how will a Democratic Congress affect the DHS’s program? Click HERE>>

"Email is Down and You're Out of Compliance!" - An email or IT outage may put you out of compliance. This new Guide describes how outages affect regulatory compliance and what you can do about it. Sponsored by MessageOne. Download HERE>>

NorE First Response
is a manufacturer of mass decontamination equipment - providing turnkey service from supply to training. Product includes isolation/ quarantine; mass casualty cache; and multi-disciplinary decontamination/ response units. Click HERE>>

Innovations in Pandemic Flu Communication Communication technologies play a vital role in how organizations respond to pandemic flu. Assess which technologies are right for your organization’s response to pandemic flu. Click HERE>>


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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

TAMP Systems Announces Teaming with Pandemic 101™
Merrick, NY — TAMP is pleased to announce that it has teamed with Pandemic 101™, an organization with an innovative website and practical solution to the ever growing concern of a pandemic incident. Working with Pandemic 101™, TAMP can now offer a concise web-based approach that provides organizations the ability to quickly deploy their own tailored pandemic response program.

Molina Healthcare Implements myCOOP Software
Restin, VA — COOP Systems recently announced that Molina Healthcare has implemented myCOOP Version 5.3 software, an ASP-delivered Business Continuity Planning (BCP) package and leading new solution supporting distributed and global BCP programs. The full life cycle of the Professional Practices are delivered securely over the Internet with a powerful, integrated package.

New Educates Card System Buyers with Speed and Ease
Minneapolis, MN — Fargo Electronics recently announced the launch of its revamped Web site. It provides interactive tools to help make sound card system buying decisions. The site features intuitive navigation and demonstrations on the options available in creating a secure card issuance system.

How To Choose A Business Continuity Consultant…
Continuity Central has launched a business continuity Wiki, which will enable business continuity professionals to collaborate on developing open source articles for the benefit of the whole profession. Wikis are webpages which allow the real-time development and editing of documents via the Internet. If you would like to take part, visit and follow the simple instructions. No signup or membership is required.

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Based on the philosophy of "working together", the weekly Continuity e-GUIDE provides a concise seven-day snapshot of the business continuity and emergency management industry from around the world right down to the local level.

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