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A Call for Articles for the 2007/08 Disaster Resource GUIDE, the new quarterly mini-GUIDEs, Continuity e-GUIDE and the Online GUIDE. The six content categories are: Planning, human concerns, information technology, telecommunications, facility issues, and crisis communications/response. To know more Click HERE>>

First Responders’ Communication Networks Must be Done by End of '07
The nation’s 35 highest-risk cities must have first response communications in place by the end of 2007, DHS secretary Michael Chertoff announced last week. Click HERE>>

Existing BC Plans Will Fail in a Pandemic, Expert Says
A prominent industry expert is warning companies not to rely on existing continuity plans if the avian flu strikes. Are our BC plans doomed to fail in the event of a pandemic? Click HERE>>

New Orleans Population Up, Survey Says
A new survey says New Orleans’ population is returning faster than estimated— but only 40 percent of residents have come back. Will the Big Easy ever recover? Click HERE>>

Security Pros Wasting Time on Drudgery, Survey Finds
Security professionals say they’re wasting too much time on busywork, staff meetings and status reports rather than focusing on real threats. But are they really wasting time? Click HERE>>

DHS Proposes ‘Global’ Sharing on Terrorist Info
The DHS has an ambitious plan to share biometric information about potential terrorists with other countries. But is this sharing even possible? Click HERE>>

FEMA Gets New Symbol
FEMA’s traditional icon hasn’t been updated since the cold war. Is that why the agency has updated the icon to represent the new world of emergency management? Click HERE>>

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Flagg BC and Corp. Sec. Conference. New York, NY — March 20-21. The 2007 program will assemble speakers from major Wall Street and New York corporations that are bullet-proofing their data operations. A free exhibition will run both days. Click HERE>>


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ACP Announces 2007 Corporate Board
The Association of Contingency Planners is pleased to announce its 2007 Corporate Board of Directors. ACP is an organization for business continuity professionals providing a networking and learning environment for its members. Founded in 1983, it has become a unifying force for practitioners in the rapidly evolving field of business continuity. To view the list, Click HERE>>

The Huntington is First to Use the Rapid Responder Crisis Management System
Seattle, WA — The Huntington Library has installed the Rapid Responder® crisis management system (CMS) to aid in protecting its collections-based research and educational institution. The system gives facility managers and security teams instant access to more than 300 facility data points to ensure a fast and effective response during emergencies. http://www.preparedresponse.com/media/press/press38.html

NOAA Provides First Tsunami Detection Buoy For The Indian Ocean
NOAA has joined the government of Thailand in launching the first Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunami (DART) buoy station in the Indian Ocean to assist in detecting tsunamis. Following a ceremony in Phuket, Thailand, where the 2004 Boxing Day event caused the most extensive tsunami damage in Thailand, the MV SEAFDEC set sail to deploy the buoy about mid-way between Thailand and Sri Lanka. http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories2006/s2749.htm

Waypoint Advisory Announces the BIA Tool Set
Thornton, PA — Waypoint Advisory, a provider of business continuity solutions, announces the general availability of its BIA Tool Set software, enabling organizations of any size or industry to quickly and easily assemble a business impact analysis, the results of which drive recovery strategy and overall continuity capability. This business impact analysis software is affordable and easy-to-use. http://www.waypointadvisory.com/

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