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Bank Error Exposes Weak Crisis Management Plan
A security breach at a Sacramento bank angered customers and sent officials running for cover. Crisis management experts say the bank could have handled the situation differently. Click HERE>>

IT Security Experts Use Plants to Fight Virus Attacks
Computer security experts are using nature to fight technological attacks, as researchers begin drawing parallels between computer viruses and the spread of agricultural diseases to understand how a virus can attack Internet infrastructure. Click HERE>>

Automakers Work to Strengthen Supply Chains
Detroit automakers are asking their suppliers and dealers to take part in a crisis management plan to prevent losing millions of dollars in the wake of a disaster. Do you know if your supply chain is prepared? Click HERE>>

Outsourcing Security Becomes Cause for Concern
In the wake of Sept. 11, President Bush has almost tripled homeland security spending. A great deal of that cash, however, is being spent on outsourced security jobs. Is control of our security slipping out of the government's hands? Click HERE>>

Cities Seek Funding for First Responders
The nation's mayors say their cities have yet to cash in on the $1.5 billion in federal homeland security funds designated for first responders. Click HERE>>

Beware the "Seven Deadly Sins" of Data Backup and Recovery
Small companies face unique challenges when it comes to data backup and recovery practices. According to one expert, most of these businesses commit one of the "Seven Deadly Sins" of recovery. Click HERE>>

Critical Incident Response CD-ROM Training Series Developed by Crisis Care Network, this 4-CD series provides a guide to those delivering crisis response services. Combines didactic and role play demonstrations specific to a dramatized workplace violence case study. Click HERE>>

EVAC-U8™...Innovative Escape Smoke Hood

Three out of four fire fatalities are caused by smoke inhalation. The EVAC-U8™ provides respiratory protection with 15 minutes of breathable air to help you evacuate safely in a fire related emergency. For office, home or hotel.
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14th World Conference On Disaster Management
June 20-23, Toronto, 70+ Sessions, 75+ Exhibits. WCDM brings together professionals from all fields of Disaster Management. The best educational venue you'll find - 4 days of networking and learning from experts in the public and private sectors.
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“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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BC Professional

Leading Disaster Recovery expert Dorian Cougias, author of the best-selling The Backup Book: Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center, is hosting a free, online web seminar on high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity issues in the information technology arena. Learn directly from the master in this free web seminar and get an electronic version of his easy-to-read and incredibly powerful book today! Tuesday, February 10th, 2pm EST (1pm CST; 11am PST). To register visit http://www.bcprofessional.com/bootcamp

FREE Services Webinar
Join Agility Recovery Solutions & AmeriVault for a FREE 45 minute Webinar about the services Agility and AmeriVault can jointly provide for your company's Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans. Learn about comprehensive coverage for your organization, from robust data backup to complete infrastructure recovery. Event date: Thursday, February 12, 2004 @ 2:00 pm EST. For registration information please click on: www.agilityrecovery.com and follow the links. For more information please call Mandy Faulkner at Agility: 1-800-567-5001.

ADA Compliant Emergency Phones at an Affordable Cost!
Viking Electronics of Hudson, WI introduces a complete line of affordable, hands-free, ADA compliant emergency phones to suit any application! The 1600A Series ADA Compliant Emergency Phones are designed to provide quick and reliable handsfree communication over the public switched telephone network. All 1600A Series phones meet ADA requirements for elevator and emergency telephones, and can be programmed from any Touch Tone phone. The phones can dial up to 5 programmable emergency numbers, as well as 2 central station numbers. Additionally, select models feature a second "Info" button that will dial up to 3 non-emergency numbers. For more information contact: info@VikingElectronics.com or visit http://www.Vikingelectronics.com

Coming to a City Near you….
APC InfraStruXure is the industry's only patent pending, on-demand network critical physical infrastructure. InfraStruXure sets the industry standard for disaster recovery and business continuity. Attend an APC Executive Presentation in your area and learn in under two hours how you can turn expense into profit. Attend an APC Executive Presentation to find out how you can: quickly design and build network rooms, increase the reliability and availability of your data center, recover from power fluctuations, lower the cost of ownership. Plus you will learn how to assess and fix your business' vulnerability to power issues.

Coming to a city near you… Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, Houston, Northern NJ, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland. For more information, visit http://www.apcc.com/events/index.cfm?tsk=p716y

CPM Brings You a Seminar with Proactive IT Security Strategies
75% of your company's net worth can be easily deleted or transmitted past your firewall. Thefts of proprietary information can cost you millions of dollars. Each year, lost productivity caused by IT security breaches runs into the billions. Legislation and regulation can make you personally liable if certain information escapes or is compromised. How can you fight back?

CPM has joined forces with IP3, a leader in IT security and training, to bring you a seminar filled with proactive strategies to protect your company's assets. Explore the latest solutions by attending From Strategy to Reality: Managing the Porous Perimeters.

For the complete program outline, visit http://www.ip3seminars.com/rcs34787.php

Special offer: IP3 and CPM have joined together to offer you a special discounted rate of only $695 - a savings of $100 off the regular fee. To register for your discounted seat, go to: http://www.ip3seminars.com/security/register.php and use code CPM878.

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