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for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity is printing this month! What do satellites offer BC and DR professionals, and how can an ROI be demonstrated for management buy-in? The use of satellites might be easier to justify than you think. Sign up for your copy now.

Dennis Evers, law enforcement veteran and author, urges companies to include “worst case” scenarios in their disaster planning. He asks, “Could anyone have predicted that a simple dollar jug of water would have alleviated suffering for rooftop-stranded Katrina victims?” To know more…

National Guard’s Readiness at Risk, Congress Finds
They are touted as our first line of defense, but a congressional panel is worried our National Guard is stretched too thin and less prepared than ever. Click HERE>>

Study Finds Prescription Problems After Disasters
Officials are usually prepared for disease outbreaks after a disaster. But are they prepared to meet other health needs, like prescriptions and access to medical records? Click HERE>>

Anti-Terror Tests Broke Law, Watchdog Says
The DHS is testing a data-mining program to spot terrorists. Investigators say testers have violated privacy laws. Who will win this battle between security and privacy? Click HERE>>

Flu Pandemic Could Hit Half of British Workforce
About 40 percent of Britain’s workforce could be downed by a flu virus if a pandemic breaks out, UK officials are warning. How will it affect British companies? Click HERE>>

DHS to Offer States More Time on Drivers’ Licenses
After a revolt, the Bush administration has given states more time to bring states’ drivers’ licenses up to the standards a new federal law will require. What’s the new deadline? Click HERE>>

New Orleans Colleges Have a Long Way to Go
New Orleans’ slow recovery is well-publicized, but its universities and colleges have been pushing forward more than anyone else. So why do they still have a long way to go? Click HERE>>

Great Book! A Risk Management Approach to Business Continuity: Aligning Business Continuity with Corporate Governance, by David Kaye and Julia Graham. Endorsed by BCI, DRII, Survive and IRM. Text core for IRM's BC qualification. Click HERE>>

Break the Chain of Infection
The Go-Kit product is a professionally selected set of health protection tools and techniques that can significantly reduce cross-contamination and disease transmission. Interested? For more information Click HERE>>

Flagg BC and Corp. Sec. Conference. New York, NY — March 20-21. The 2007 program will assemble speakers from major Wall Street and New York corporations that are bullet-proofing their data operations. A free exhibition will run both days. Click HERE>>


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FSI Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Its 10 years have been ones of service to the Life Safety, Hazmat, Emergency Management, EMS, Hospital, Military and Fire Equipment markets (1997 — 2007). FSI offers a large range of Portable, Mobile, and Fixed Hazmat Decon Showers, Shelters, Isolation Shelters, Surge Capacity Systems and Accessories. They also offer an extensive range of EMS, Fire, and Life Safety products, all in some 45 + countries. Visit FSI at or email

Virtual Corporation Announces Release of the Spanish Version of the BCMM®
Budd Lake, NJ — Virtual Corporation, a consulting services corporation, announces the release of the Spanish version of its Business Continuity Maturity Model® (BCMM®). The global launch of the Spanish version of the BCMM® includes the same features as the English version and was translated by Disaster Recovery Services Mexico in collaboration with Virtual Corporation.

Verizon Business Helps Power COOP Systems’ Expansion of Web-Based BC Service
Basking Ridge, NJ — To meet the growing global demand for its Web-based business continuity planning services, COOP Systems Inc. is bolstering its offering by selecting Verizon Business’ world-class data center services. The services include remote backup and restore capabilities that help back up the databases that COOP Systems maintains for its enterprise customers.

Consortium II Now Has Podcasting Capabilities
Richardson, TX — Forum Communications International introduces PodCasting capabilities to the Consortium product line, showcasing a mixture of high tech, advanced features with redesigned hardware and software. The user has easy one touch access and can download conferences as Podcasts, allowing users to listen to conferences at their leisure via their choice of software such as iTunes from Apple.

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