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Will a Disaster Force You to Close Your Doors?
A retail industry guru argues that retail operations often neglect information security and disaster recovery planning, and offers his advice. Any organization with a critical supply chain would do well to heed his warning. Click HERE>>

The Empire Strikes Back
Wal-Mart has been called everything from a behemoth bent on destroying small-town America to retailing's evil empire. Does your company address the risks to stakeholders posed by crisis communications? Click HERE>>

Congress Tells CDC to Change Management Structure
An organization's management structure is a critical factor in its ability to respond to crises. Read a congressional report's recommendation to the CDC about changes needed to prepare for the inevitable. Click HERE>>

Making Sense Out of SANs
Storage Area Networks, or SANs, are becoming a hot topic in the field of data backup and recovery. Companies with major IT operations are using them, but are they right for your business? Two recent reports could help you decide. Click HERE>>

Homeland Security to Issue E-Mail Warnings
The National Cyber Security Division of the Homeland Security department is now offering e-mail warnings when a virus attacks the Internet. Click HERE>>

Internet Voting Could Jeopardize Democracy, Study Says
A new report warns that Internet voting might open up an entire election to hackers, but the government isn't heeding the warning and is continuing with a pilot PC voting program. Click HERE>>

The safest and easiest way to transport a disabled person, in an emergency, down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The ADA requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. Click HERE>>

EVAC-U8™...Innovative Escape Smoke Hood

Three out of four fire fatalities are caused by smoke inhalation. The EVAC-U8™ provides respiratory protection with 15 minutes of breathable air to help you evacuate safely in a fire related emergency. For office, home or hotel.
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CPM 2004 WEST, the Mirage, Las Vegas, NV, May 25-27, 2004.
Regardless of your industry, you should have a business continuity plan in place. Attend CPM 2004 WEST for the best education in business continuity.
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“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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The 2004 Business Continuity Awards

Calling all BC professionals throughout the world! You are invited to enter CIR Magazine's annual Business Continuity Awards. The awards, now entering their sixth year, recognize the high standards inherent in the work carried out by industry professionals, and are designed to serve as a benchmark by which to measure success. The Business Continuity Awards aim to provide a focus for the industry to review its achievements and aspire to new standards. The deadline: March 12, 2004. http://www.businesscontinuityawards.com/

BC Professional
Leading Disaster Recovery expert Dorian Cougias, author of the best-selling The Backup Book: Disaster Recovery from Desktop to Data Center, is hosting a free, online web seminar on high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity issues in the information technology arena. Learn directly from the master in this free web seminar and get an electronic version of his easy-to-read and incredibly powerful book today! Tuesday, February 10th, 2pm EST (1pm CST; 11am PST). To register, visit http://www.bcprofessional.com/bootcamp

Lakeview Technology: Products of the Year Awards
Oakbrook Terrace, IL - Lakeview Technology (Lakeview), worldwide leader in infrastructure software for the information enterprise announces today that the company's MIMIX® dr1tm product won the prestigious "Product of the Year" award in the "High Availability Tools" category and MIMIX® V4R4 took the Silver Award, also in the "High Availability Tools" category from Search400.com's Products of the Year awards.

The Products of the Year awards represent the best new products in the industry and are judged by a panel of industry experts, including the editors of TechTarget's Search400.com, a select group of users, and independent industry analysts, with input from Search400.com members. The full article from search400.com can be found at http://search400.techtarget.com/productsOfTheYear/0,294801,sid3,00.html?offer=hp

For further information, contact news@lakeviewtech.com

Strohl Systems Announces Business Continuity Reseller Agreement with HP
KING OF PRUSSIA, PA. - Strohl Systems, a global leader in business continuity planning (BCP) software and services, today announced an agreement with HP calling for the resale of Strohl's BCP software as a complement to HP's own Business Continuity Services portfolio. This will enable both companies to deliver more comprehensive business continuity solutions to clients worldwide, allowing customers to be better prepared in the event of a service interruption or full-scale disaster.

"HP is a leading provider of business continuity and availability solutions for the planning and disaster recovery services market," said Brian Turley, President of Strohl Systems. "We are pleased to sign this agreement."

HP has more than 20 years of experience providing business continuity and disaster-tolerant solutions to clients ranging from a single-site failover to providing a fully redundant standby infrastructure. Specifically, HP offers a comprehensive Business Continuity and Availability Solutions portfolio, which includes business continuity consulting such as business impact analysis, recovery strategy definition and business continuity plan development; highly available and disaster tolerant technologies, data replication, and business recovery services for offices and data centers. Strohl already has agreements in place with several other leading alternate site providers and will continue to support those relationships as well. For more information visit http://www.strohlsystems.com

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