Continuity eGUIDE Wednesday May 2, 2007

Emergency Notification System RFP Template
Planning for automated emergency notification this year? This comprehensive free template has helped hundreds of companies in recent months. Download today! Sponsored by MessageOne. Click HERE>>

The Secrets of Teaching Disaster Preparedness
Paul Purcell has identified several “learning obstacles” that prevent individuals and families from being as emergency ready as they should be. Read this article to learn valuable tips on how to deal with each of them. Click HERE>>

Expert Offers Tips on Combating Cyber Anxiety
Renowned cybersecurity expert Howard Schmidt says cyber threats and vulnerabilities will continue to rise. How can you stay vigilant in this new cyber world? Click HERE>>

Colorado’s Secret Disaster Plan is Too Secret
Secrecy can be important when it comes to homeland security, but a report suggests Colorado might be taking it a bit too far, as even the lawmakers don’t know about the plan. Click HERE>>

Are Australia’s Hospitals Disaster-Ready?
Are Australia’s hospitals prepared for a terrorist attack or a natural disaster? A report says perhaps the public isn’t allowed to know – and that hospitals are not really ready. Click HERE>>

Companies Should Be Allowed to Break Privacy Laws, Chamber Says
The Chamber of Commerce says privacy laws shouldn’t apply to companies violating them for homeland security – and the battle between security and privacy rages on. Click HERE>>

NIST Gives Agencies Tool to Assess IT Security Programs
A new database will help government agencies collect data to assess IT security. But with agencies continually failing to make the grade, does the program matter? Click HERE>>

Attack on US is Likely, Poll Finds
A new poll says 80 percent of Americans believe a deadly terrorist attack on the US is “likely” to happen in the next five years. Is the homeland really not secure? Click HERE>>

Emergency Lifeline
72-hour Personnel Support EvacuationSearch & Rescue Medical ResponseFood & Water SanitationSupplying companies worldwide since 1985. "We can be afraid or we can be ready," former DHS Secretary. Click HERE>>

Are you confident with your business continuity and disaster recovery plan? Amcom offers professional consulting services to help you create, maintain and roll-out effective emergency plans in compliance with industry mandates. Learn more now. Click HERE>>

Defuse Disaster at CPM 2007 WEST. May 22-24. The Mirage, Las Vegas. Registration now open. CPM 2007 WEST promises first-rate training and networking for business continuity/COOP, emergency management and security professionals! Click HERE>>


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EDXL Resource Messaging Draft Standard Released for Public Comment
Washington, DC – The Emergency Data eXchange Language Resource Message (EDXL RM) draft standards were published after a nearly two year development process. This marks the third draft standard to be made available for public comment from the EDXL suite of Internet Protocol-based standards, a project sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security and supported by COMCARE.

6th Annual 2007 Disaster Restoration Contractor's Conference and Trade Show
Toronto, Ontario, Canada – June 19-21 –The DRC Trade Show is truly an international event, attracting attendees from Canada, USA, Europe and New Zealand.  The show offers 40 educational sessions, hands on workshops, and a great lineup of exhibitors. This is the best show to keep you up to date on restoration products, equipment and services, allowing you to gain the knowledge you need to become the best in your marketplace and much, much more!

Rapid Responder Crisis Management System to Enhance Student Safety
Seattle, WA – Prepared Response, Inc. has been awarded $7 million to install the company’s Rapid Responder® system in 1,000 schools in South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, and Washington state. The deployments are being funded through the U.S. Department of Education’s Emergency Response and Crisis Management (ERCM) grant program and other government funding sources.

CentreLearn Releases 10 New RapidCE™ Lessons
Shrewsbury, PA – CentreLearn Solutions, LLC, announces the release of 10 new EMS and fire/rescue lessons as part of its popular RapidCE™ online continuing education system for EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters. Like all CentreLearn materials, the new RapidCE lessons are presented in an easy-to-navigate, interactive, narrated Flash movie format so students can learn quickly, effectively and in a way that supports retention.

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