Continuity eGUIDE Wednesday June 6, 2007

WHITE PAPER: Pandemic Communication Message Mapping When disaster strikes, what you say and how you say it matters. Download this white paper by 3n and Dr. Robert Chandler to learn what message maps are, why they are important and how to create effective message maps. Click HERE>>

What will 2007 be like in the network security arena? Recent attacks linked to organized crime and drug financing have proven to be more insidious than ever. Patricia Bennett discusses cyber attacks as well as new security strategies to combat looming threats. To know more, Click HERE>>

Where Was Border Security in TB Scare?
The globe-trotting lawyer with tuberculosis made headlines last week. What does the incident say about Homeland Security – and what does it mean for a potential pandemic? Click HERE>>

Are Hurricane Predictions Now a Problem?
The 2007 hurricane season is officially underway and forecasters have predicted an especially busy year – but do these predictions make the public less worried about the threat? Click HERE>>

Experts Say JFK Terror Plot Was Unlikely to Work
A number of experts say the foiled terror plot to blow up New York’s JFK Airport wouldn’t have worked anyway. Can our security really withstand this kind of attack? Click HERE>>

Data Breach Insurance Gains in Popularity
Data breaches are constantly in the news, and a report says companies are buying insurance as protection against them. But is that money better spent on security? Click HERE>>

Private Security Guards a Weak Link in Homeland Security
9/11 transformed the day-to-day jobs of many security guards. But now a report says those guards are paid little more than minimum wage. Are they a weak security link? Click HERE>>

New Survey Ranks 10 US Cities for Disaster Preparedness
A new business continuity survey has ranked 10 of the nation’s cities in terms of preparedness. Which city came out on top? And which cities came out on the bottom? Click HERE>>

12th Annual Disaster Resource GUIDE Get your free 2007/08 GUIDE, to be published this month.  The 212+ page GUIDE is loaded with resources and is the place professionals find movers and shakers in BC and EM.  You must RENEW each year. Click HERE>>

Great Book! A Risk Management Approach to Business Continuity:
Aligning Business Continuity with Corporate Governance, by David Kaye and Julia Graham. Endorsed by BCI, DRII, Survive and IRM. Text core for IRM's BC qualification. Click HERE>>

Partners in Emg Mgt:
Working Together. 55th IAEM Annual Conference & EMEX 2007 Expo. November 11-14: Reno, NV. Sessions encourage the exchange of ideas on collaborating to protect lives and property from disaster. You won't want to miss it! Click HERE>>


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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

MessageOne Executives Selected as Finalists for Entrepreneur of the Year® 2007

Austin, TX – CEO Satin Mirchandani and Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Mike Rosenfelt were selected as finalists for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of  the Year 2007 award in Central Texas. Mirchandani and Rosenfelt were part of the team that founded Austin-based MessageOne to address the problem of email downtime and communications resiliency, with a suite of affordable managed services. Click HERE>>

Your World-Class Backup & Archiving Data Center is Ready
June 8 – This is a free webinar by Amerivault dealing with comprehensive data backup and recovery, replication, and digital archiving. Using a managed service for critical data protection and recovery isn't much different than using a payroll provider or bank. Learn how, as custodians of your data, AmeriVault can provide a full suite of services to match the criticality and lifecycle of your data. Click HERE>>

RAE Systems Introduces Two 3rd Generation Photoionization Detectors for VOCs
San Jose, CA – RAE Systems Inc. introduces two third-generation photoionization detector (PID) based instruments, the MiniRAE 3000 and ppbRAE 3000. Both of these products will find applications in industrial settings, environmental monitoring, indoor air quality, and Hazardous Materials response applications. These products are intended for use where hydrocarbon-based chemicals pose a toxic threat. Click HERE>>

Fargo’s Completes ISO 9001:2000 Registration
Minneapolis, MN – The scope of the registration includes the design, manufacture and sale of secure ID card printer/encoders, media (ribbons, films, cards and laminates), software and systems. The registration confirms that Fargo has undergone a rigorous, comprehensive assessment, and its processes and organization have met an international set of standards for quality and continuous improvement. Click HERE>>


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