Continuity eGUIDE Wednesday June 6, 2007

Free Download: The 7 Steps to Successful BC Communications
Learn the 7 crucial elements to a successful business continuity communications plan. Avoid the communications pitfalls of other well-intentioned companies with this information packed brief! Click HERE>>

Is Your IP-Based Surveillance System Stopping or Aiding Criminals? New technologies are always emerging; however, with growth and change come new areas of risk. Patricia Bennett tells us more on using unsecured IP-based cameras for security. Click HERE>>

TB Scare Breathes New Life into Public Health Legislation 
The tuberculosis scare has created a new kind of furor – this time on Capitol Hill, as lobbyists try to use the incident to get more funding. Is TB that big of a health threat? Click HERE>>

Rescue Robot Tests to Offer Responders High-Tech Help
Engineers are working on tests to see if specially-programmed robots can help urban search and rescue responders. Will we soon be able to use robots in disaster scenarios? Click HERE>>

FEMA Misses Deadline to Write New National Response Plan
It’s been more than 21 months since Katrina ripped through the Gulf coast and FEMA promised to write a new version of the National Response Plan. Why isn’t it done? Click HERE>>

Role of CSO is Facing Major Changes
Think the chief role of a CSO is keeping IT safe? Not anymore, says a poll. These days, the CSO job is less about technical skills and more about managing business risks. Click HERE>>

Inaccurate FEMA Maps Leave Flood Victims Vulnerable
Hurricane flood victims in Alabama have learned about their vulnerability the “hard way,” says a new report. Are FEMA’s flood maps out-of-date? Click HERE>>

Online Shoppers will Pay for Privacy, Study Says
A new study says people shopping online would be willing to pay a little more to protect their privacy and keep their personal information secure. Click HERE>>

The 2007 hurricane season is expected to be very active; learn the key strategies of seven CIOs from the gulf coast region with this e-Book, The Top 10 Actions to Prepare for a Hurricane. Sponsored by MessageOne. Click HERE>>

Alert thousands in seconds
with AMTELCO’s RED ALERT Emergency/Event Notification system! Quickly contact responders during emergencies or disasters, and send event reminders. Alert. Respond. Communicate. Instantly! Click HERE>>

World Conf. on Disaster Mgmt.
July 8 - 11. Toronto, ON Canada. Exchange ideas with colleagues in other Disaster Management disciplines.  This is your chance to participate in a knowledge exchange unlike any other event of its kind. Click HERE>>


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COMCARE Asks Bush to Veto ITC Decision Banning New Phones

Washington, DC – Said decision bans new lines of broadband cell phones containing advanced E9-1-1 position location capability.  These cell phones, among other features, provide more accurate cell phone-based GPS measurement capability for 9-1-1 calls by the public, plus mobile broadband communications for emergency responders. COMCARE Director David Aylward testified before the ITC in opposition to the ban. Click HERE>>

Security on Wheels
The “TUG” or Towable Utility Gate can be used for corporate, government and military security, checkpoints, traffic control, parking, during emergencies, accidents, incidents, at airports and plants during elevated threat levels and for dozens of other daily applications. It can be towed by all vehicles including golf carts and easily positioned by hand. TUG can cycle the horizontal swinging arm thousands of times between charges. For more info go to

Office Furniture Designated "Anti-Terrorist Technology"?!
Gunnar's 'Protective Office Furniture System' with built-in Personal Protection Pod is a patented, high impact solution to enhance survivability, facilitate and accelerate rescue in the aftermath of an explosive event or natural disaster. Check out the case study in this month's Archi-Tech Magazine and vote on it for the Reader's Choice Award!

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