Continuity eGUIDE Wednesday August 15, 2007

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What Do Executives Need to Know
about business continuity, emergency response & crisis management? If you are an executive, or if you work with them for your company's BC planning, what is critical for generating enthusiastic, top-down commitment to business continuity? Share your insights.

States Feel Left Out of Disaster Planning
State and local emergency officials are angry at the Bush Administration's decision to rewrite the country's response blueprint ― in secret. Are they really being left out? Click HERE>>

N.Y. Regulator Expects All Insurers at Pandemic Flu Exercise
The New York State Insurance department is having a test next month to see how ready we are to survive a flu pandemic ― and it expects all state insurers to take part. Click HERE>>

Protecting Food Supply Becoming More Complicated, Experts Say
Experts from the food industry and homeland security industry are growing increasingly worried about protecting the nation's food supply from threats and contamination. Click HERE>>

Indiana Schools Address Bird Flu Concerns
As summer starts to come to an end, one Indiana school district is preparing a new lesson plan for the year: Creating a new plan for dealing with a potential pandemic flu outbreak. Click HERE>>

Nevada Nixes Plan to Add Emergency Staff
The Nevada legislature has just denied a request by the Division of Emergency Management to boost its staff. Why was the request refused? Click HERE>>

Take a Common-Sense Approach to Computer Security, Expert Says
New technology is good in helping fight computer crime, but in the end you can't beat good old common sense, says Motorola's chief security officer. Click HERE>>

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Asure ID Software Available at No Cost with Fargo ID Card Printers
Minneapolis, MN ― Fargo Electronics, Inc. announces that Fargo Asure ID© Express™ ID badge software is now available at no extra cost when ordered with a Fargo card printer/encoder. Fargo Asure ID software is a suite of digital identity and photo ID card management solutions that enable organizations to create, manage and verify an individual's identity. The languages supported include English, Spanish, French and German.   Click HERE>>

Strohl Systems Announces Executive Promotions
King of Prussia, PA ― Strohl Systems announces the promotions of Brian Turley to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Eric Strohl to President. Myles Strohl, the company's founder, will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors. The promotions are part of Strohl Systems' strategic growth plan. The company's experienced significant and steady expansion over its nearly twenty-year tenure in the industry. Click HERE>>

SPOT Inc. Announces SPOT ― The World's First Satellite Messenger
Salt Lake City, UT ― The SPOT™ Satellite Messenger gives consumers a vital line of communication, independent of cellular coverage. SPOT is a revolutionary product that is designed to raise the safety factor for hundreds of millions of people around the world. Functions enable users to send messages to friends, family or emergency responders, based on varying levels of need and to visually track the location of the SPOT Satellite Messenger. Click HERE>>

New Crisis Training Program Helps San Juan USD Protect Students and Staff
Sacramento, CA ― San Juan USD schools received a $497,203 grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Emergency Response and Crisis Management grant program to strengthen their emergency response plans and conduct training classes. They have held a series of training sessions including Critical Incident Planning Teams, Biomedical Emergency Planning and Threat Assessments with school personnel from all over the district. Click HERE>>

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