Continuity eGUIDE Wednesday August 29nd, 2007
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Selecting an Emergency Communications Solution may be a daunting task as the number of choices, vendors, and types are exploding. Edward Brown reviews the different considerations a business should examine as part of selecting a mass notification solution. Click HERE>>

“Hacktivisim” Attacks May Rise, Says US-CERT Deputy Director
Last winter, the Estonian cyberattack made headlines around the world - and according to the deputy director of US-CERT, it's not the last we've seen of this new “hacktivism.” Click HERE>>

New DHS Propane Regulations Causing Chaos for Chicken Farmers
The next battleground in the war on terror will be... chicken coops? Regulations requiring propane to be labeled a chemical of interest has got chicken farmers clucking in protest. Click HERE>>

Nationwide First Responder Exercise Tests Interoperability
All summer, the DHS and the DoD have held a series of demonstrations to allow first responders to display interoperability and identity validation. Were they successful? Click HERE>>

Report Urges Feds to Align Security Regulations
As Congress considers more legislation to improve data security, a report urges the government not to implement one more law - at least until all the existing ones are aligned. Click HERE>>

Four Tips for Increasing Wireless Network Security
Wireless networks are everywhere these days, particularly in large organizations - and most often, they're protected with passwords. So why aren't those passwords enough? Click HERE>>

Louisiana Disaster Aid Falls Short by $32 Billion
It's been two years since Katrina and Rita struck the Gulf Coast, and Louisiana officials estimate the disasters cost Louisiana $100 billion. So why are they $34 billion short? Click HERE>>

AOK Rescue Chair The safest and easiest way to transport a person down or up a flight of stairs! The ADA requires employers to provide accommodations for disabled employees. Click HERE>>

Exchange is down but Outlook is up and running! MessageOne's EMS Outlook Extension allows users to send and receive email as usual - making server and infrastructure outages virtually invisible. Click HERE>>

CPM East. Orlando: Nov. 13 - 15. This training event will provide you with a complete risk management education, as well as opportunities to network with your peers. Over 55 sessions on key issues and strategies. Click HERE>>


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New Tool Emerges in Earthquake Readiness
Tampa, FL - The U.S. Geological Survey is working to create a national system that will monitor seismic activity. It will measure strong earthquakes at ground site, in buildings and other critical structures, and broadcast information when a significant one occurs. Emerging technologies are producing new, more reliable information that will make it possible to produce maps depicting the earthquake probability in a given region. It will help societies make good decisions about the best ways to reduce losses. Click HERE>>

Ag Terror Preparedness: Avian Influenza Response
All infrastructure preparedness personnel should plan to attend a very crucial briefing on Ag Terror Response that will be presented at the NREP/OIP Conference in San Antonio, TX September 5th & 6th. National preparedness issues and information about new training programs will be covered during the presentation and during training conducted at the conference. To sign-up Click HERE>>

Core Technology Embedded in Company's Data Protection Solutions
Emeryville, CA - EVault, Inc., provider of data protection solutions, has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,134,041 by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent for "Systems and Methods for Data Backup over a Network" is a core component of EVault's DeltaPro(TM) technology, which makes it easy to secure, protect and recover critical data across a broad range of operating systems and applications, delivering high performing online backup and recovery solutions. Click HERE>>

T.J. Miller Joins Prepared Response, Inc. as Vice President of Federal Sales
Seattle, WA - Prepared Response, Inc., a leading developer of crisis management planning and response systems, recently announced the appointment of Thomas J. (T.J.) Miller as Vice President of Federal Sales. Miller will be responsible for the company's growth strategies in the U.S. government market. He will focus on sales of Prepared Response, Inc.'s crisis management systems and other technologies to federal agencies and defense related businesses. Click HERE>>

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