Identity Theft: Ten Tips to Help!

10 tips to keep the identity thieves at bay, and an innovative insurance program offered by a member company of AIG to protect your employees in the unfortunate event of a loss. For tips and details, visit
www.aigebrs.com/content/ebrs/tips.html. Or for information on the Personal Internet Identity Coverage, email piic@aig.com.

What Phrase Says it Best?

YOU be the expert! Interact with us on a key issue facing the world of business continuity and emergency management. How can we speak the same language? A recent teleconference of industry leaders resulted in several ideas. We invite you to critique these, and better yet, tell us your ideas! Check next week to see the results. Click HERE>>

Public Safety Center Simulates Homeland Security
Imagine a facility where all levels of first responders - from a municipal fire chief to the commander of the U.S. Northern Command - can test their systems before a disaster strikes. A new center in Virginia aims to be just that. Click HERE>>

National Cyber Security Division Issues Report Card
It's been less than a year since the Homeland Security Department created a special division to look after cybersecurity issues. How is the Division stacking up? Read on to find out. Click HERE>>

Do Your Suppliers and Vendors Have a Continuity Plan? GM Is Asking Theirs!
General Motors has introduced a crisis management plan for its worldwide suppliers and dealers, but says it won't mandate them to use the guidelines. Will just having a plan available be enough to make suppliers implement one? Click HERE>>

Charities Cooperate to Improve Services
In the months after 9/11, an array of charities stepped forward to aid victims and their families. But for many, knowing which group to approach was unclear. Nonprofit organizations can learn from recent planning efforts. Click HERE>>

Health Command Center Prepares for Regional Crises
A multimedia command center in Washington means the Health Department is well prepared for a serious health event - including a biological attack - anywhere in the United States and beyond. Click HERE>>

Small Businesses Fail at Disaster Planning
Many small businesses don't survive a disaster because they think disaster planning is too much work and costs too much money. Others think having insurance is all that's needed. A recent article shows why they're wrong. Click HERE>>

Looking to Hire or Looking for a New Career? BC Management, Inc., a professional, executive search firm, is the premier placement agency for business continuity professionals. We know the industry with over 5 years experience. Click HERE>>

PLYLOX™ Commercial Hurricane Window Clips NEW!

PLYLOX™ window clips are the inexpensive and non-destructive way to protect your windows from high winds and airborne debris. Installed in seconds, the clips require no drilling.
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CPM 2004 WEST, the Mirage, Las Vegas, NV, May 25-27, 2004. Regardless of your industry, you should have a business continuity plan in place. Attend CPM 2004 WEST for the best education in business continuity.
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“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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GoldenGate Case Study - Sabre Holdings Embraces Open Systems and GoldenGate Data Synchronization to Deliver Instant Low Fare Lookup

When Sabre Holdings set out to build the Air Travel Shopping Engine (ATSE), a new platform for low-price airfare search and itinerary service, the company's IT brain trust decided to diverge somewhat from its traditional technology approach. Sabre Holdings, of course, is renowned for its airline reservation network, which was the world's first computerized transaction-processing system, and for Travelocity, the groundbreaking website that set influential e-commerce standards for usability and performance in the mid-1990s. A case study detailing the decision by Sabre Holdings to use GoldenGate is available at www.goldengate.com. Click on "Case Studies". Or for more information contact Deirdre Mahon, GoldenGate at (415) 369-4151 or dmahon@goldengate.com.

12 Frequently Asked Questions

The Editorial Advisory Board of Disaster Recovery Journal has fielded hundreds of difficult, thought provoking questions over the years from their readers. They share many of these excellent questions and answers. To read more, visit www.drj.com/eab/q&a/.

CPE Quarterly Meeting
Contingency Planning Exchange Quarterly Meeting will be held Wednesday, March 3, 2004 from 12:30 PM to 4:45 PM. The host is Morgan Stanley, 750 Seventh Avenue (between 49th & 50th Streets), 4th Floor Auditorium, New York, NY 10019. Topics include: Homeland Security and Your Company, Legal Exposures, Responsibility, and The Incident Command System: Knowing It and Working With It. Please call to RSVP (212) 983-8644 or email headquarters@cpeworld.org For more information visit www.cpeworld.org

Strohl Systems Releases World Trade Center BCP Study - Most WTC organizations that had a BCP have been able to regain their business potential.
KING OF PRUSSIA, PA USA - A new study commissioned by Strohl Systems finds that the majority of organizations located in the World Trade Center complex that had a business continuity plan on Sept. 11, 2001, have been able to regain their pre-disaster business potential. The study, conducted by Dr. Effy Oz of Penn State University, found that of the 25 organizations that participated, 20 regained their potential to do business at the level of Sept. 10, 2001 and five have yet to regain their full potential. All that had a business continuity plan at the time of the disaster have regained their pre-disaster business potential, except for two organizations. Two of the four organizations that did not have a BCP have not regained their business potential. The full text of the study can be obtained by visiting Strohl's Web site at www.strohlsystems.com.

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