Continuity eGUIDE Wednesday September 12, 2007
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Mobile Threat Net PLUS - For Mission Critical Weather Data. Protect those you serve with continuously updated graphical weather data, including hurricane, tornado and severe thunderstorm tracking, via the power of XM Satellite Radio. Internet version also available. Click HERE>>

Challenges, Collaboration, and Continuity: A 20 Year Perspective. We asked some of the "veterans" of DR to give us their thoughts on the past, present and future of the industry. Alison Dunn, Editor of Disaster Resource GUIDE, shares with us what they had to say. Click HERE>>

How YouTube Is Affecting the Security Industry
Video-distribution website YouTube is affecting the security industry, and it's not for the better. How is YouTube damaging the security industry's reputation? Click HERE>>

Mattel CEO in Crisis Management Mode After Toy Recall
Toy recalls are making headlines these days, and the CEO of Mattel is facing Congress to explain how his company let it happen. Is he taking the right steps after the crisis? Click HERE>>

GAO Study Says Homeland Security Failed to Perform Half the Time
The DHS has failed to meet at least half of its performance expectations in the past four years, say congressional auditors. But the DHS disagrees. Click HERE>>

DHS Ditches Data Mining Program Over Privacy Woes
The DHS announced it is giving up its controversial anti-terrorism data mining program because it violates privacy issues. Is this the end of the privacy versus security debate? Click HERE>>

California Senate Passes RFID Implantation Ban
Proponents of RFID technology say it will lead the way to improved security. Skeptics say it will only violate privacy rights. Will new legislation in California take a side? Click HERE>>

UK Businesses Don't Address Wireless Security, Study Says
While businesses in the UK are on top of addressing external IT security threats, they are still not taking wireless security seriously, says a new study. Click HERE>>

Alert thousands in seconds with AMTELCO's RED ALERT Emergency/Event Notification system! Quickly contact responders during emergencies or disasters, and send event reminders. Alert. Respond. Communicate. Instantly! Click HERE>>

AOK Rescue Chair The safest and easiest way to transport a person, in an emergency, down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees Click HERE>>

REGISTER TODAY; don't be a victim. Katrina killed 1,422 people and caused $75 billion in damages. Preparing for disaster is never a priority, why should recovery be? Make proper plans, train first responders to recover and protect your employees. Click HERE>>


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Avalution and BSI Management Systems America: Joint White Paper Release
Cleveland, OH — Whether you are just getting involved in BC, or want to see how you measure up to the latest international standard, this white paper, “How to Deploy BS 25999,” will provide you with the insights needed to be successful. It goes beyond the requirements found in the standard and provides insight on exactly how to achieve compliance and improve your organization's ability to manage business interruptions. Click HERE>>

Glenn Bottomly Joins Fargo as ID Software Leader
Minneapolis, MN — Glenn Bottomly, Ph.D., has joined Fargo as director of product marketing for ID software and systems. He brings 15 years of software management and development experience to his new position. “Among Glenn's strengths is his ability to understand the software user at an intuitive level,” said Kathleen Phillips, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fargo click here.

Amcom Software Launches New Version of Smart Center
Minneapolis, MN — The Smart Center is a central relational database platform that supports all mission critical communication within an enterprise. Expanded system scalability supports the complex demands of multi-facility healthcare networks and other large organizations. New self-monitoring capabilities eliminate downtime by enabling the system to switch automatically from backup to primary mode in the case of failure. Click HERE>>

COOP Systems to Show Five New BCM Capabilities at DRJ Fall World
Herndon, VA — DRJ Fall World will be in San Diego from September 16-18. These new capabilities of the myCOOP offering will continue to add to COOP Systems' reputation as a dynamic BCM software company. All new features are delivered from one integrated instance via a browser anywhere in the world, with an ease-of-use for all participants. All can be viewed live in San Diego or via a Web demo any time. Click HERE>>

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