Continuity eGUIDE Wednesday September 26, 2007

How Do Continuity Professionals Learn? What are the most frequently used methods of learning for our industry - conferences, webinars, networking groups, the web? You tell us what works best for you. We'll share the results in the upcoming Education & Training GUIDE. Click HERE>>

Migrating to an Always-on Solution Although implementing these solutions is not without pitfalls, with careful planning and organizational commitment they may provide a more resilient operation and competitive advantage in the marketplace. D. Walch & M. Zielinski explain. Click HERE>>

What IT Security Pros Can Learn from the Marketing Department
Can a company's IT team take a page from the marketing department's handbook to improve security? Learn how one CISO has done just that. Click HERE>>

Report Condemns Safety Preparedness of Schools
A report is condemning our schools and colleges, saying they must do a better job of reporting campus crime — and states must do a better job of holding schools accountable. Click HERE>>

New York City's Health Care System is Not Prepared, Experts Say
Both health care and disaster planning experts are sounding the alarm about New York City's health care system, saying it's not prepared to handle disasters or pandemics. Click HERE>>

We Will Fail Again, Ex-FEMA Chief Says
Last week, FEMA director David Paulison touted the agency's state of readiness. Why does former FEMA head Michael Brown — the man ousted after Katrina — say it isn't so? Click HERE>>

DHS Adopts 11 NFPA Standards for Emergency Responders
The DHS has adopted 11 NFPA standards designed to better support the needs of the nation's first responders. To find out which standards the DHS adopted, Click HERE>>

Cyberthreats Outpace Security Measures, Says McAfee CEO
Cybercrime is big business - a $105 billion business. That means cybercrime is surpassing even the value of the illegal drug trade, says McAfee CEO David DeWalt. Click HERE>>

Need Ice? It can be used to help food stay fresh and for medical purposes, among other things, in disaster-type scenarios. Hurricane season is here. This excellent resource has an extensive database of providers throughout the country. Click HERE>>

Break the Chain of Infection The Go-Kit product is a professionally selected set of health protection tools and techniques that can significantly reduce cross-contamination and disease transmission. Interested? For more information. Click HERE>>

REGISTER TODAY; Disaster Preparedness Summit - DON'T BE A VICTIM. Katrina killed 1,422 and caused $75 billion in damages. Preparing is priority to complete recovery. Design plans, train responders, protect employees and investments.


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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

BRCCI International Seminars and Workshops
The BRCCI is offering CBRM & CBRA seminars. The CBRM Seminar is designed to familiarize students with the essential set knowledge, concepts, and topics required for achieving CBRM designation, known as the Common Criteria for Business Resilience Professional (CCBRP). The CBRA Seminar does the same, but for achieving CBRA designation, known as the Common Audit Knowledge Domains (CAKD). Click HERE>>

Orange County Red Cross Presents the 23rd Annual Disaster Preparedness Academy
Anaheim, CA — October 17 — “Beyond Preparedness — Are you ready?” Keynote addresses and 18 workshops presented. This event is well established and highly regarded as a one of a kind preparedness seminar for Orange County and surrounding areas. To find all the information you need to attend, exhibit, or sponsor the 2007 Disaster Preparedness Academy Click HERE>>.

CAPS Expands Alternate Sites in Tri-State & Southeast Regions
Shelton, CT — CAPS Business Recovery Services, a provider of alternate sites for business continuity and disaster recovery in the Northeast (as well as planning services and related software), has completed agreements and plans for expansion of new sites in the Tri-state area (Northeast) and Southeastern United States. The new sites are located in Shelton, CT and Duluth, GA, with others also under consideration. Click HERE>>

Strohl Systems Releases New Version of BCP Software
King of Prussia, PA — Strohl Systems announces that the latest version of its software, LDRPS, is now available. LDRPS 10.2 features seamless integration with Strohl's emergency notification system NotiFind. In addition, through the improved Plan Navigator™ feature, the new version enables users to build custom interfaces for their users, streamlining and strengthening their plan building efforts. Click HERE>>

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