Continuity eGUIDE Wednesday October 10, 2007
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Emergency Notification System RFP Template Planning for automated emergency notification this year? This comprehensive free template has helped hundreds of companies in recent months. Download today! Sponsored by MessageOne. Click HERE>>

How to Involve Executives In Your Exercise Program In this feature, DSPN’s Judy Bell and Paul Klier provide some ideas about executive involvement in the testing of your business continuity programs that are important to remember. Click HERE>>

NY Rescuers Getting New Disaster Masks
New York State is replacing 35,000 disaster masks because they don't meet federal standards for first responders. Will other states run into the same problem? Click HERE>>

Security Bulletin Problem Creates Message Flood
It started as an innocent request to change an e-mail address and ended as a deluge of 2.2 million e-mails clogging security experts' inboxes. What caused the message mess? Click HERE>>

Seven Ways to Make Backup and Recovery Easier
Getting a handle on backup and recovery is becoming more critical every day. One expert offers seven tips to make it easier. Click HERE>> to read them.

Creating and Maintaining Homeland Security Fusion Centers
Is there a way to collaborate on detecting, preventing, investigating and responding to criminal and terrorist activity? There is, says one expert. Click HERE>> to read more.

Illinois Handing Out $36.4 Million for Interoperable Communications
The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is handing out millions of dollars to improve the state's interoperable communications. Who can get access to those funds? Click HERE>>

Chertoff Outlines Security Goals by 2009
An internal DHS report that outlines Secretary Michael Chertoff's goals for the department has been leaked to the press. Click HERE>> to read more.

Disaster Recovery Testing
The ONLY book on this vital subject, addressing all types of contingency plans! Transform recovery testing from an afterthought to a powerful, disciplined and efficient development and implementation tool. Click HERE>>

AOK Rescue Chair
The safest and easiest way to transport a person, in an emergency, down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. Click HERE>>

CSI 2007
, November 3-9, Arlington, VA. Leading business-focused security conference & exhibition features over 100 sessions on management & technical issues crucial to deploying a successful protection strategy. Register now & save.


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Seminar on Sport in Post-Disaster Intervention
Rheinsberg, Germany – November 4-9. Today's disaster relief professionals need to be equipped with all techniques of how to provide rehabilitative support to impacted communities. Sport and physical activity are some of these techniques, as they help personal recovery and support team building in situations where cooperation is necessary. The International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) will host the event. For more information, visit

Amcom Software Expands Federal Government Initiatives
Minneapolis, MN – Amcom Software, a provider of mission-critical communication software, announces plans to significantly expand its focus on serving the federal government market. Key among the new initiatives is the appointment of a new sales executive, rigorous product testing and certification and new alliance agreements. The growth plans are due in part to increased demand for sophisticated mission-critical communication systems. Click HERE>>

COOP Systems Announces Competitive Replacement Program
Herndon, VA – COOP Systems, provider of Next Generation BCM software worldwide, is taking a bold move for a very limited time only. Organizations now have a simple way of trading in their old legacy BCM software for one their end users will love - - myCOOP. Not every company will qualify. Call today for details. For full press release, Click HERE>>

CEOs Launch Alliance with American Red Cross to Strengthen Nation's Preparedness
Washington, DC – Business Roundtable and the American Red Cross announce a new collaboration through the Roundtable's “Partnership for Disaster Response.” The Partnership is an initiative to galvanize the business community to contribute its vast resources – beyond financial contributions – to accelerate on-the-ground relief and recovery activities following major national disasters. Click HERE>>


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