Continuity eGUIDE Wednesday October 24, 2007
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Pandemic: Not Just Another Public Health Threat A pandemic's greatest threat is to public health. Pandemic-related legal issues, however, are numerous, complex and significant. This article, by Joseph P. McMenamin, will touch on some of those that are likely to arise. Click HERE>>

Stafford Disaster Act is Out of Date, Study Finds
Is the act that governs disaster response in the United States dangerously out of date? It is, according to a new study from New York University. Click HERE>>

Topoff Terror Test Asks: Ready or Not?
Last week, the nation tested its state of terror readiness for the third time since 9/11 — and security experts say we're not even close to being ready. Click HERE>>

Security Standards for Power Grid Not Enough, Experts Say
The new proposed cybersecurity standards designed to protect the nation's power infrastructure aren't broad enough, experts say. Click HERE>>

Management Chief to Fill in as DHS Deputy Secretary
It's been a while since there have been reports of personnel changes at the DHS, but now President Bush has tapped the department's management chief to fill in as deputy secretary. Click HERE>>

Chertoff Warns Against “Weary Complacency” in Terror Fight
DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff says many Americans are tired of fighting the war on terror, and it could lead to disaster. Is he right? Click HERE>>

US Boosts Funds for FAO's Bird Flu Program
The United States has pledged another $38 million to the United Nation's FAO, bringing its total up to $63 million. Will the extra cash help prevent a pandemic? Click HERE>> to read more.

The Emergency Notification System RFP Template
has helped hundreds of companies define their requirements for automated emergency notification. Sponsored by MessageOne. Click HERE>>

NorE First Response
is a manufacturer of mass decontamination equipment - providing turnkey service from supply to training. Product includes isolation/ quarantine; mass casualty cache; and multi-disciplinary decontamination/ response units. Click HERE>>

GVF will be hosting a pre-show symposium
at the IAEM 2007 conference, November 11. It is intended to provide the essentials for on-going needs to design, procure, integrate and operate satellite-based communications operational plans. Click HERE>>


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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

Global VSAT Forum
Headquartered in London, GVF is the international non-profit association of the satellite communications sector. An independent, non-partisan organisation with 200 members from more than 100 countries, the GVF brings together organisations engaged in the delivery of advanced broadband and narrowband satellite services worldwide. The broad-based membership represents every major world region and every sector of the satellite industry. Click HERE>>

MessageOne Introduces First Crisis Notification with Integrated Incident Collaboration
Austin, TX — MessageOne recently announced the Incident Collaboration Center™, a new managed service to address the fundamental problem businesses face recovering from a crisis. By providing one centralized location for communication and coordination, the Incident Collaboration Center will accelerate informed decision making, keep core workflow functioning and provide regular progress reports to all constituents. Click HERE>>

Avalution Free Webinar
Cleveland, OH — “Practical Pandemic Planning For Businesses,” 2:00 PM EST, Oct. 25. For many, a pandemic's true implications are unknown. This webinar will eliminate the complexity and provide a straightforward understanding of exactly what the threat of a pandemic means for your businesses, what your organization can do to mitigate the risk associated with a workforce disruption, and how planning will improve your entire BC capability. Click HERE>>

Call for Presentations for the 18th World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM)
The conference will be held in Toronto, June 15-18, 2008. "Resiliency - Individual, Community and Business." WCDM is an annual event that addresses issues common to all aspects of Disaster Management. The conference program includes speakers from many parts of the world and provides excellent opportunities for training and networking. It is expected to attract over 1,800 attendees from Canada, the US and from around the world. Click HERE>>


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