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BC Management, Inc., a professional, executive search firm, is the premier placement agency for business continuity professionals. We know the industry with over 5 years experience! Click HERE>>

What Makes A Crisis Plan Successful?

This week, our expert topic is the importance of communication as a critical component of a successful crisis plan. But how to best communicate? Bill Carman offers his insights. Click HERE>>

What's In a Phrase?
Last week, Continuity e-GUIDE asked readers for their opinions regarding a name or phrase to best describe the work to keep a company, group or agency operating no matter what. A summary of responses follows. Click HERE>>

DHS Wants Firms to Reveal Weaknesses
A new law requires firms that maintain the nation's critical infrastructure to disclose how they might be vulnerable to terrorists. The regulation, which could cost US firms billions, is drawing sharp criticism from businesses and consumer groups alike. Click HERE>>

Good Policy Is the Key to IT Security, Expert Says
Network security professionals spend too much time thinking about solutions and not enough time focusing on policy and procedures. An expert argues how this trend leaves many companies vulnerable. Click HERE>>

Virtual Meeting Place to Reunite Families After Disasters
After the WTC attack, many survivors waited hours, even days, before they could get word to their frantic families. A couple that lived through that ordeal has launched a Web site designed to reunite loved-ones following future disasters. Click HERE>>

One-Stop Shopping for IT Security Pros
IT professionals may be adding the new Microsoft Security Guidance Center site to their list of bookmarks. The recently launched site features content, patches, apps and breaking news - all of it aimed at the security-minded IT specialist. Click HERE>>

The Future of Data Protection?
An expert explains why tomorrow's enterprise data protection systems have to be reliable, affordable, and flexible enough to meet each organization's unique needs. Click HERE>>

Business Continuity Workshop
Participants learn best practices for designing a comprehensive, enterprise-wide Business Continuity Plan. Two instructors employ lecture and video clips to deliver an energetic, content-rich agenda. Check the schedule here. Click HERE>>

A Survival Kit….a Terrific Way to Show You Care!

A 72-hour kit shows appreciation to your employees, friends and family. And corporate preparedness makes good business sense! We've been helping businesses since 1985. For more information,
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2004 Third Annual Business Continuity Show March 4-5 in New York. Sign up now and save $100 on the low-cost of $295/2-day program. Pro-active BCP, back-up sites, risk management, data protection.
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“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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Information Security Decisions Conference

Information Security Decisions, the only 3-day conference designed specifically for senior IT security managers, will be held in New York City, April 19-21. No vendor-driven content. No entry-level "training." Attend and discover:

*10 essential steps to mitigate blended threats and expose malware before it infects your business.

*New tactics to prevent fraud and cyberterrorism from costing your company millions.

*Practical guidance on security and the law to decipher new legislation and minimize corporate risk.

*5 time-saving tips to avoid outsourcing mistakes - Learn the real payoffs and pitfalls of those who've gone before you.

*How to quantify security risk and spending to measure success and maximize ROI.

*6 key strategies for wireless LAN security and learn how to specify a wireless LAN that meets your own requirements.

Plus be the first to hear results of how hundreds of your peers evaluated security vendors across a dozen categories as we announce the yet-unpublished results from our Information Security survey. For more information visit http://infosecurityconference.techtarget.com/?Offer=ismws21304.

International Business Continuity Awards for 2004

Less than 3 weeks to go-have you entered yet?
The awards, now entering their sixth year, recognise the high standards inherent in the work carried out by industry professionals, and are designed to serve as a benchmark by which to measure success.

Part of our philosophy with the awards is to allow them to evolve to reflect the changing nature of the industry, and to ensure that all aspects of business continuity management are covered. As the demands on businesses of all size and description change, so must the provision of services in business continuity. For more information, visit http://www.businesscontinuityawards.com.

A New Chapter in Business Continuity Comes to Long Island
The Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE), a not-for-profit organization, has formed a chapter in Long Island. This forum will bring to Long Island businesses both large and small the knowledge that will enable them to protect their businesses through proper planning and mitigation. The LI CPE expects to hold its first educational meeting in April, and some of the planned topics are terrorism and crisis management. To become a member of our exciting organization or to be put on our mailing list call (212) 983-8644 or email us at headquarters@cpeworld.org or visit the website at www.cpeworld.org

2nd Edition, Business Continuity Book Released
Rothstein Associates Inc. announces publication of the second edition of the ground-breaking book, BUSINESS CONTINUITY: BEST PRACTICES World-Class Business Continuity Management.

The first edition of this book, published in 2000, was the first book endorsed by both the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) and the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), and addressing the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) adopted by these international certification organizations. It has been adopted by enterprises in over 110 countries. For more info, go to http://www.rothstein.com/data/dr476.htm.

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Based on the philosophy of “working together”, the e-GUIDE will integrate, consolidate, and communicate resources from organizations that are leaders in business continuity, risk management, crisis management, emergency response, and disaster recovery.

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