The Essential Workforce Continuity Kit Valuable information from Forrester Research and Varolii on workforce continuity as part of your BC plan. Learn tactics to help protect and account for your human capital and mitigate lost worker productivity in a crisis. Download HERE>>

The College Option for BCP/ Emergency Management Professionals In the fields of BCM and EM, a closer look at the courses required and the content of those courses might help us understand the value of a degree program. Dr. Thomas Phelan explains. Click HERE>>

This GUIDE, to be used by readers throughout 2008, will spotlight technologies to protect... information & communications, facilities, people --- the business! Got some expertise to share? We have editorial needs. Want to advertise your technology solution? For more info, Click HERE>>

Firefighters Get Trained to Spot Terrorism
Firefighters across the country are now being trained to be lookouts for potential acts of terrorism. Why does the move have privacy advocates up in arms? Click HERE>>

Security Experts Predict Fallout from UK Data Breach
The dust has yet to settle after a British government department lost 25 million records, and already experts are predicting that the fallout will change IT security in Britain. Click HERE>>

Government to Modify Business Crackdown on Immigration
The DHS is making changes to its plan to pressure employers to fire workers with suspect social security numbers. Why are they backing down on the crackdown? Click HERE>>

Anti-Cybercrime Laws a Tough Sell in Congress
Security experts say cybercrime continues to be a problem in the US. So why has the government shied away from enacting tougher cybercrime laws? Click HERE>>

Omaha Buys Response Gadgets with Homeland Security Funds
When the DHS was parceling out homeland security funds in 2006, it handed $8.3 million to Omaha, Nebraska. Why is the city only disbursing the funds now? Click HERE>>

Canadian Response Teams Take Part in Country's Largest Drill
It's being called one of the largest disaster simulations in Canadian history. How did hundreds of emergency response workers fare when their skills were put to the test? Click HERE>>

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Are you outlining your DR plan for 2008? Use this editable Emergency Notification System RFP template to define your requirements for automated emergency notification and pinpoint an appropriate solution. Sponsored by MessageOne. Click HERE>>

AOK Rescue Chair
The safest and easiest way to transport a person, in an emergency, down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. Click HERE>>

Flagg BC and Corporate Security Conference. New York, NY - March 18-19, 2008. Plan now to attend. Stay on top of EM, BC & DR. Case studies and what you should know to prepare for the next crisis. Largest BCP event in the Northeast. Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

Free Online PERI Symposium on Infrastructure Policy and Homeland Security versus Environmental Sustainability
Fairfax , VA — Jan. 14-18 — The program will be conducted on the PERI website. It will attempt to find practical steps to reconcile the demands of two largely independent but increasingly competitive policy movements: the "sustainability" movement and the homeland/national security movement. For more information, please Click HERE>>

International Safety & Security Conference 2008
New York, NY — Jan 16-17 — This meeting is designed to hone your skills in table top exercise design and delivery while keeping you up to date with the latest trends in pandemic planning, supply chain management and human factor consideration in crisis and emergency management. Participate in tabletop exercises that promise to test your current thinking and provide new approaches to program development. Click HERE>>

California Fire, EMS & Disaster Conference & Expo
Pala, CA — May 19-23, 2008 — CFEDWest represents the concerted efforts of California's first responder stakeholders to develop a non-profit educational enterprise that would serve to deliver affordable continuing education, focal and relevant to the west coast first responder. This conference has adopted a fluid, peer-based approach, so that the end educational product would be timely and perpetually adaptable to the west coast first responder. Click HERE>>

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