The increasing amount of emergency notification solutions available complicates the task of choosing one to suit your specific needs. MessageOne developed this Request For Proposal (RFP) template to help you formulate your unique emergency notification requirements. Click HERE>>

Satellite Communications for Disaster Recovery In terms of independence from terrestrial communications systems, rapid deployment, and virtually global coverage, satellite communications is becoming more and more a part of today's recovery plans. Leo Wrobel tells us more. Click HERE>>

This GUIDE, to be used by readers throughout 2008, will spotlight technologies to protect... information & communications, facilities, people --- the business! Got some expertise to share? We have editorial needs. Want to advertise your technology solution? For more info, Click HERE>>

Emergency Responders Face Deep Aid Cuts
A report suggests the government will slash counterterrorism funding for first responders by more than 50 percent next year — mostly because it thinks high-risk cities are secure. Click HERE>>

Beware Complacency in Pandemic Planning, Experts Urge
BC planners haven't forgotten the pandemic threat, but have the mainstream media? New reports say they have, and we may be suffering from "pandemic fatigue." Click HERE>>

Illinois Recruits Bikers for Emergency Work
Emergency responders in Illinois are getting help from an unlikely ally, as a new program is training motorcycle riders in emergency response. Click HERE>>

New Jersey Eyes VoIP Network for Emergency Response
The New Jersey government is considering broadband voice over IP systems as a more reliable communication system in emergency situations than radio. Click HERE>>

Intel Centers Losing Anti-Terror Focus
The nation's 43 "fusion centers," designed to prevent terrorist attacks, are losing focus, according to a new report. But are they helping prepare for other disasters? Click HERE>>

Emergency Planners Fear Apathy in Storm Preparedness
Coastal residents breathed a sigh of relief Friday, as hurricane season officially drew to a close with no major storms. But some planners worry no storms equals no preparedness. Click HERE>>

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A Survival Kit... a Terrific Gift to Show You Care!
A 72-hour Emergency Kit shows appreciation to your employees, friends and family. Every automobile, every desk, every home needs one! Order today for Dec 21 delivery. For a complete catalog, Click HERE>>

Principles and Practices of Business Continuity.
This new book explores the subject of Business Continuity Management: from basic principles to best practices. Learn development, delivery, exercise and maintenance of an effective BC program. Click HERE>>

DRJ Spring World 2008
"Global Solutions for Business Continuity Planning" Incredible session line-ups, the largest crowds to network with, packed exhibit halls and more! Explore a bit more on why DRJ is the best choice in DR/BC conferences. Click HERE>>

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GlobalOptions' James Lee Witt Associates Submits Report to Enhance Pennsyvlania
New York, NY — This set of recommendations is to enhance the functions of emergency management in Pennsylvania. This GlobalOptions unit is involved in a broader effort to provide crisis management and preparedness services to state and local governments in an effort to improve emergency management effort. GlobalOptions Group is providing similar work in the states of Maryland, Virginia and Louisiana. Click HERE>>

National Emergency Management Summit
Washington, DC — February 3-5, 2008. An extraordinary confluence of events, both environmental and geopolitical, have coalesced to create a heightened risk of natural disaster, epidemic and terrorism in the United States. The National Emergency Management Summit seeks to assess these risks and articulate practical approaches to strategies of planning, response and recovery. Click HERE>>

National Earthquake Conference, 2008
April 22-26 — Seattle, WA — Develop a shared understanding of the scientific, engineering, and social research that underlies our ability to assess, mitigate, and respond to earthquakes. Exchange ideas about tools for earthquake hazard and risk reduction such as key information on the needs and state of the art in technological and informational products meant to facilitate earthquake hazard mitigation and response and much more. Click HERE>>

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