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The Essential Workforce Continuity Kit Valuable information from Forrester Research and Varolii on workforce continuity as part of your BC plan. Learn tactics to help protect and account for your human capital and mitigate lost worker productivity in a crisis. Click HERE>>

The Technology Edition of the Disaster Resource GUIDE will be mailed this week. Want to get a jump on the articles included? Click here for a link to the articles, all focused on technology and BC and DR. Everything from major disasters to facility mapping to interoperability.
Define Your Emergency Notification

Technology Solutions for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:  This special print edition of the Disaster Resource GUIDE focuses on how technology is being used to improve DR and BC in both the public sector and the private sector.  It is being mailed this week to all US subscribers. The following companies partnered with us to make this edition possible.  (See below for the usual eGUIDE newsclips!)

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Manage your crisis team members' recovery tasks, share and update critical documents, and display all recovery information in one central location with MessageOne's Incident Collaboration Center. Learn more with this resource kit. Click HERE>>

OpsPlanner™ - an easy-to-use and cost-effective, BCP software solution with plan development, incident management and automated emergency notification all in one fully integrated package.  Helping you PLAN to stay in business.  Click HERE>>

DRJ Spring World 2008 “Global Solutions for Business Continuity Planning” Incredible session line-ups, the largest crowds to network with, packed exhibit halls and more! Explore a bit more on why DRJ is the best choice in DR/BC conferences. Click HERE>>

Eight-Day IT Outage Would Cripple Most Companies
Can your business withstand losing your IT infrastructure for more than a week? If you can’t, you’re not alone, according to a new study. Click HERE>>

Laziness is the Biggest Barrier to Information Security, Expert Says
The constant barrage of IT security issues we face aren’t really the result of poor security – it’s because we’re too lazy to do what it takes to make ourselves secure. Click HERE>>

New Predictive Approach Tries to Stay Ahead of Hackers
Researchers are working on protecting computer networks by slipping into hackers’ shoes, and trying to stay one step ahead with new intrusion prediction technology. Click HERE>>

Data Security Becomes More Affordable for Small Businesses
It can be tough for small businesses to afford the data security technologies large companies use. A new report suggests those technologies are now a lot more affordable. Click HERE>>

New Solutions Emerge for Data Backup Challenges
Today’s businesses rely on data – making data backup and tracking a top priority. Can new solutions help businesses meet their data backup challenges? Click HERE>>

IRS Records Open to Identity Thieves, Report Says
A GAO report has taken the IRS to task over “dozens” of security weaknesses in the agency’s records. Will you have more to worry about than your taxes this year? Click HERE>>

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