FedEx Custom Critical…
Provides nonstop, door-to-door service, with same-day or next-day delivery of urgent freight, valuable items or hazardous goods. Services are available 24/7/365, utilizing our trucking fleet for surface-expedited service. Air options, from exclusive-use charters to premium air freight also available. To learn more, Click HERE>>

Geary Sikich
is the author of "It Can't Happen Here: All Hazards Crisis Management Planning" and "Integrated Business Continuity: Maintaining Resilience in Uncertain Times”. Mr. Sikich, who consults with companies worldwide on assurance, business continuity and crisis management issues, raises the question, “Are we creating false positives?"Click HERE>>

RSA Conference Ponders the Costly Challenges of Securing Cyberspace
Bill Gates’ keynote last week was upbeat. But rising threats and mounting costs were the focus of last week’s conference in San Francisco. Continuity e-GUIDE’s editor has summarized several key articles we find extremely valuable. Don’t miss these. Click HERE>>

Industry Leaders to Consult Washington on Cyber-threats
The private and public sectors need to work together to protect the nation’s digital infrastructure says a newly formed IT industry association. The association seeks your input. Click HERE>>

Is American R&D Sitting Out the War on Terror?
A science and technology author points to the inactivity of American researchers in the fight to beat terrorism and defend the homeland. It wasn’t like this in World War II, he argues. Click HERE>>

Do Computers Catch "Colds"? The Debate Heats Up
Computer virus – is it an apt term or a complete misnomer? Can we learn anything new about defeating computer viruses by comparing them to the biological kinds? The answer to both questions depends on whom you ask. Click HERE>>

Canadian Tourism Board Shares Its Disaster Recovery Lessons
Tourism officials from a small town on Canada’s Pacific coast are describing how they’re resurrecting the local travel industry from the ashes of a devastating wildfire that drove visitors away last summer. Click HERE>>

Is Your Own Website Tipping Your Hand to Hackers?
Clues to your network architecture, user names, or even passwords may be just waiting for hackers to discover on your company Web site, experts warn. Click HERE>>

Purchasing Priorities...
Looking for a product or service for your corporate program? Do you know the key service providers? The Disaster Resource GUIDE includes 100's of companies. Register your "purchasing priority" and we will link you with companies who can help you. Click HERE>>

Protecting Your Employees—Makes Good Sense!

We make corporate preparedness easy with kits for individuals and groups. Our 10-person corporate kit includes evacuation supplies, medical response, sanitation, food & water, search & rescue and more! We’ve been helping businesses be prepared since 1985.
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Business Continuity, Security & Crisis Management Seminars
The Conference Board, the world’s leading business membership organization which conducts seminars, studies and trend analyses in the public interest, is offering 2 days of executive level business continuity seminars for members as well as the public in May.
Click HERE>>

“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
Click HERE>>

Business Continuity Awareness Week: Continuity in the Limelight, March 7-13

While business continuity has been practiced in Canada by a few organizations since the late 1980s, it has taken a number of recent events in North America and around the world to make it a desirable practice for many. The sudden interest can be seen in the large increase in conferences and publications on the topic, and new regulations that will make its practice mandatory in the public and private sectors in years to come.

In many ways business continuity is still a well-kept secret and is not a part of most management-training curricula. To help make it more visible, this year seven of Canada’s business continuity support organizations have collaborated, in an unprecedented move, to promote International Business Continuity Awareness week (March 7-13). This comes in the form of promoting the event by providing an electronic toolkit that has two targets. One is the organization already practicing business continuity where the toolkit can be used to promote the practice internally. The other is to businesses that may be considering business continuity for the first time. The toolkit makes suggestions on the type of questions they should be asking, and where to go to find out more.

For more information visit http://www.drie.org.

MIR3’s INlogicPRO™ v2.1 Delivers Intelligent Notification to the Enterprise

INlogicPRO Selected by Los Angeles County Department of Health Services to Power Health Alert Network.

San Diego, CA – March 2, 2004 – MIR3, a technology leader in Intelligent Notification solutions, today announced the general availability of INlogicPRO v2.1, a significantly enhanced version of the Company’s enterprise notification and communications platform. A customizable software-based notification solution, INlogicPRO v2.1 features the new INlogicAdaptor™, a Remote Intelligent Adaptor for seamless application connectivity and real-time synchronization with proprietary systems and databases. The INlogicAdaptor enables customers to leverage existing technology and data investments while accelerating the deployment of emergency notification capabilities across the enterprise. Businesses, academic and government agencies utilize MIR3’s INlogicPRO for a variety of applications supporting business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency preparedness initiatives. For more information, go to http://www.mir3.com or contact Karina Lion, MIR3 public relations at (858) 724-1248 or karina.lion@mir3.com.

IAEM and NEMA Applaud “One mission, one team, one fight”
Homeland Security Secretary Ridge Approves National Incident Management System (NIMS)

The International Association of Emergency Managers and the National Emergency Management Association today jointly announce their support for U. S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge as he unveils the National Incident Management System (NIMS), the Nation’s first standardized management plan that creates a unified chain of command for Federal, state, and local lines of government for incident response. “NIMS gives our Nation’s responders the same framework for incident management and fully puts into practice the concept of, ‘One mission, one team, one fight,’” Ridge said.

IAEM and NEMA are the two organizations, which represent local and state emergency managers and homeland security officials. Both groups actively participated with DHS to produce NIMS.

NIMS identifies core elements for all responders and incident managers; three that have been particularly promoted over the years by IAEM and NEMA are: Incident command system, interoperable communications and information, and preparedness. IAEM and NEMA are working together to support local and state emergency management and homeland security officials’ efforts to coordinate an understanding of NIMS among all first responder constituencies.

For a copy of NIMS and more details on key core elements, see http://www.dhs.gov or contact 202-282-8010. See http://www.iaem.com and http://www.nemaweb.org for more information about the International Association of Emergency Managers and the National Emergency Management Association, respectively.

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