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The Essential Pandemic Kit To respond to a pandemic, you need more than just a basic crisis communication system. Kit includes: Forrester report on avian flu response, whitepaper on pandemic communication and more. Be prepared to protect your people and your business. Click HERE>>

The special Executive Edition of the Disaster Resource GUIDE, mailing next week, features Bruce Blythe and his 5 guiding principles for managing crises. Bruce, author of the book "Blindsided," has 20+ years experience helping organizations in crisis. Read article, sign-up for the GUIDE.

The 13th annual Disaster Resource GUIDE is in production!
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Forget FEMA; Turn to Private Industry after Disaster, Study Says
The real hero of Hurricane Katrina? Wal-Mart, says a new study. Can private industry respond to local disasters in a way FEMA can’t? Click HERE>>

Don’t Blame “Stupid Users” for Data Breaches
Blaming a breach on a “stupid” employee? Not so fast, says one expert. The breach was more likely because of a failure to teach employees about good security practices. Click HERE>>

Missouri First Responders to get Interoperable Communications Grants
Missouri is handing out a second round of grants to help the state’s public safety departments purchase interoperable communications equipment. Click HERE>>

DHS Aspires To Be More like Defense
The Department of Homeland Security has requested money for proposals similar to initiatives at the Department of Defense. Is the DHS learning from the DoD? Click HERE>>

North Carolina to Practice New Hurricane Evacuation Plan
With hurricane season approaching, officials in North Carolina are getting ready to practice the state’s new evacuation plan. Will the new, collaborative plan work? Click HERE>>

DHS to Beef Cybersecurity Staff
Is the DHS finally interviewing and hiring candidates for its more than 300 cybersecurity job openings? A new report says it is now taking steps to do just that. Click HERE>>

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New Report: Managing Through a Disaster to Recovery; provides you with latest innovations in Emergency Notification technology and how to transform your DR plan from a set of documents to an automated and effective solution. Click HERE>>

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REGISTER TODAY; Disaster Preparedness Summit - DON'T BE A VICTIM. Katrina killed 1,422 and caused $75 billion in damages. Preparing is priority to complete recovery. Design plans, train responders, protect employees and investments.

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Utah Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners Presents '08 Symposium
Salt Lake City, UT – May 8 – Topics include: Pandemic Planning, Ready Your Business planning, Cybercrimes, IT Risk Management, Crisis Counseling, and much more! Speakers scheduled to appear - Mayor Snarr, Murray City with a video message from Governor Huntsman; Ogden Officer Ken Hammond (Trolley Square incident); FBI; Dr. Angie Panos, Intermountain Health Care; Department of Homeland Security and others.  Click HERE>>

April is “National 9-1-1 Education Month”
Washington, DC – Eight national organizations – “The Coalition for 9-1-1 Education”– called upon educators, parents, public officials, and telecommunications industry leaders to join in a national effort to educate the public on the importance of the 9-1-1 emergency call number system and its appropriate use during April, which is National 9-1-1 Education Month. For more information about National 9-1-1 Education Month activities, please Click HERE>>

Varolii Free Interactive Webinar on Satisfying the Human Concerns of BC
April 16 – Historically, BC and DR plans have focused on technology and data, with much less emphasis on the people component. Now, many companies are recognizing that planning for, protecting, and recovering their employees in a crisis should be the highest priority - after all, the workforce is the organization's most valuable asset. In this free, one-hour Webcast, you'll find out why this type of planning must be different than that of the historical approach. Click HERE>>

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