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The Future of Emergency Notification View the new webcast "The Future of Crisis Communication: New Technologies for Real-Time Recovery", sponsored by Dell MessageOne. Discover technologies that accelerate resolution of events and better coordinate crisis response teams. Click HERE>>

What works when the building is gone? John Glenn, MBCI Certified Business Continuity Planner, analyzes the difference between a work-from-home option and using alternate sites when an organization's facility is compromised. Will any solution be good for all personnel? Click HERE>>
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Lessons Learned from the Midwest Floods
We're seeking first hand experiences by business and industry for the September issue. We are looking for stories on the impact to employees, buildings, critical information, as well as to the business units and the bottom line. Have stories to share? Contact us.

Security Certification Rules Could Shake up IT Management
The government is putting together requirements for professional security certification for IT workers in civilian agencies, and it could affect the entire profession. Click HERE>>

War of Words Heats Up Over Terrorist Threat to US Seaports
A handful of Senators are spearheading an initiative that could require imported cargo to be monitored to protect against terror threats - shippers aren't happy about it. Click HERE>>

British Report Recommends Measures for Growing Flood Risk
Is mandatory BC planning the answer to dealing with floods? A new British report is recommending the government do just that. Click HERE>>

Senate Passes VoIP Emergency-Dialing Bill
New legislation could help 911 network operators connect with VoIP providers. But will it improve emergency response for people with VoIP phones? Click HERE>>

DHS Lags in Preparations for Transition of Power, Study Says
Is the DHS ready for the risks that are bound to accompany the upcoming presidential transition? A new study says it's moving too slowly to be fully prepared. Click HERE>>

Is the Fire-Fighting IT Chief Becoming Extinct?
IT bosses think they're going to be spending less time on crisis management in three years. Is that because IT security has improved - or because they're outsourcing the job? Click HERE>>

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Emergency Lifeline
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The Deskit - An individual kit with Velcro fasteners to allow storage on the inner side of a desk for easy access during an emergency. Compact, lightweight with 72-hours of support for one person. Click HERE>>

Principles and Practices of Business Continuity.
This new book explores the subject of BC Management: from basic principles to best practices. Learn development, delivery, exercise and maintenance of an effective BC program.
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Americas' Fire & Security Expo July 29-31. Miami Beach. To keep up with all the latest developments in the fire, security & life safety industry technology, AFSE 2008 is where you'll need to be. There is something for everyone! Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

Selecting an Emergency Communications Solution Webinar from CPM and Varolii
July 23 — 2 PM (EST) — As organizations continue to mature in the development of Business Continuity plans (people / work group / departments) versus Disaster Recovery plans (technology), the need for mass notification tools has grown. In this one-hour online event, Ted Brown, President and CEO of KETCHConsulting will review the different considerations a business should examine as part of selecting a mass notification solution. Click HERE>>

Low Cost Disaster Recovery Planning for All Size Companies
Chicago IL — Persson Associates has just improved their web site to not only offer simple, easy to use planning tools but at a cost everyone can afford. The principal of the consulting practice has long been an advocate that all businesses should implement the basic steps and procedures to help recover from a disaster situation. Unfortunately, the issue of cost often deters companies from moving ahead. Now, there is no reason for that being the case. Click HERE>>

Emergency Management Degrees Offered at Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ — In recent months there have been a spate of natural and human-caused disasters that have provided valuable lessons in crisis management and emergency protocols. In answer to the need to have more professionals in the workforce trained to deal with these crises, Grand Canyon University (GCU) has developed undergraduate and certificate programs in emergency management. Click HERE>>

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