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BEFORE A DISASTER Learn the must-haves for successful emergency communication and gain critical insight from Forrester on what to look for when preparing your disaster recovery plan. Download HERE>>

Stormy Weather - Business Continuity & Climate Change Regina Phelps discusses what climate change is all about and helps readers focus on its effects so as to develop plans to mitigate, prepare, respond and recover. Make your organization resilient against this risk. Click HERE>>
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Don't miss this opportunity to get your message in front of the GUIDE readers. Late October issue focuses on Emergency Response and Recovery with a spotlight on Hurricane Ike. The December issue focuses on IT Networking & Communications. Contact us for more information. Click HERE>>

Report Says Charities Would Be Lacking in a Big Disaster
As Texas continues to clean up after Ike, many are relying on major charities for help. But a new report says those charities might not be able to fully address those needs. Click HERE>>

How to Find the Right Emergency Management Training Program
There are plenty of emergency management and homeland security training programs out there. But if you are looking to upgrade your skills, how do you choose the right one? Click HERE>>

FEMA Announces $63 Million in EOC Grants
FEMA is handing out $63 million in funding to improve interoperable communications and address deficiencies in the country's emergency operations centers. Click HERE>>

California Project Demonstrates Interoperability and Data Sharing
Emergency planners across the country are constantly looking to improve communications interoperability and data sharing. Does California have the answer? Click HERE>>

Security Breaches Aren't Discovered For Months, Study Says
How long would it take your organization to discover if its networks have been breached? A new study says it could take months - not hours - before breaches are discovered. Click HERE>>

Canadian Man Changes Name to Avoid Watch List Hassles
A Canadian man has officially changed his name to avoid travel hassles when his name got on a security watch list. Is it really that easy to get around the security watch list? Click HERE>>

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Download this important and timely webcast and companion eGuide: "The Top 10 Actions a CIO Can Take to Prepare for a Hurricane". Learn from top companies in New Orleans and Florida, sponsored by Dell MessageOne. Click HERE>>

American Red Cross, OC Chapter's Disaster Preparedness Academy. Anaheim, CA - October 1. Twenty workshops offering the latest in disaster planning, mitigation, response and recovery information. A one of a kind preparedness seminar for So Cal. Click HERE>>

'09 BC/Corporate Sec Show, Mar 17-18, NYC. See and hear about emergency messaging, backup communication systems, data storage, virtualization, data and info security, business continuity systems, avian flu preparedness and much, much more! Click HERE>>

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Virtual Corp. Forms Relationship with ICOR to Provide BCMM® Assessment Training
Budd Lake, NJ - Virtual Corporation, Inc., a business continuity consulting service corporation, recently announced a partnership with ICOR, a provider of professional development, to provide increased availability of Business Continuity Maturity Model® (BCMM®) training classes. The BCMM® is an analysis tool for businesses of all sizes to perform self-assessments and assist in improving their ability to recover from a disruption. Click HERE>>

20 WA Colleges to be Protected by Emergency Prep Tech & Planning System
Olympia, WA - The statewide Critical Incident Planning and Mapping System (CIPMS) is being expanded to include 20 of the 34 community colleges in the state. Legislature passed a bill recently to authorize the expansion. The CIPMS is the result of a bill passed by the state legislature in 2003 that delegated the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs the responsibility to create and operate a statewide emergency preparedness and crisis management system. Click HERE>>

Sport in Post-Disaster Intervention Seminar
Germany - November 1 - 7 - The Int'l Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE ) hosts the event, where professionals involved in disaster relief efforts will mix with students, researchers, and others to learn from experts and each other and to share their experiences in assisting communities overcome trauma. Unique training sessions designed to teach skills that can have a substantial impact on an affected community, are offered. Click HERE>>

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