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With more than 1.7 million instances of workplace violence each year in the U.S., organizations need to be adequately prepared. Join Emergency Management expert Regina Phelps and Varolii Corporation for this 1-hour webinar on workplace violence preparedness. Click HERE>>

Where does Business Continuity Planning Belong in an Organization? Industry insiders say the need for a change in the reporting structure for BC is still not being recognized. See what they answered when asked where BC belongs in an organization. Cheryl Vallender reports. Click HERE>>
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Baton Rouge Boosts Interoperability with Regional Approach
After Katrina, Baton Rouge found itself unprepared to become the hub of rescue operations. Now the area is boosting interoperability to prepare itself for another disaster. Click HERE>>

Long-Standing Problems Threaten Canada’s Food Safety, Experts Warn
Canadian officials have been dealing with the aftermath of a serious outbreak of the food–borne illness listeriosis. But how long has the government known about this threat? Click HERE>>

NC Gas Shortages Leave People Panicked
The gas shortage in Asheville, NC, is among the worst in the nation, and residents are starting to panic. How are emergency officials dealing with the situation? Click HERE>>

New DHS Study Outdated Upon its Release
Two years ago, the DHS shelled out almost $500,000 for an independent report on a classified terrorism program. The report is now done – and it’s already out–of–date. Click HERE>>

Security Pros Offered New CSSLP Qualification
IT security is growing increasingly more complicated. Will a new security qualification help developers become more competent in security design? Click HERE>>

California Combines Emergency Response Agencies
California has passed a law that will combine two emergency response offices into one agency. Will it help the state respond to wildfires, earthquakes and other disasters? Click HERE>>

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Comprehensive BC Management Program book is a complete program for business that includes advice for all development. Planning can be extremely overwhelming... But this book makes it easy for you! Standard language enables quick review. Click HERE>>

Corporate Emergency Kit. Cover your company's basic preparedness needs with this comprehensive survival kit. Don't wait any longer. Contingency planning begins with taking care of your number one resource - your employees! Click HERE>>

CPM East. Orlando: Nov. 12 - 14. This training event will provide you with a complete risk management education, as well as opportunities to network with your peers. The best education is your best line of defense in crisis. Click HERE>>

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Rentsys Recovery Services Responds to 22 Declarations in Wake of Hurricane Ike
Rentsys Recovery Services, Inc. (RRS) has responded to multiple declarations in the Gulf Coast region severely impacted by Hurricane Ike. The RRS Business Recovery Center located in College Station was populated as early as Sept. 10 and Mobile Recovery Centers (MRCs) were deployed as early as Sept. 12. In addition to the Hurricane Ike declarations, RRS is conducting additional unrelated recovery operations in the Midwest and Southeast. Click HERE>>

BSI Accepts Virtual Corp’s Services and BCMM® into Associate Consultancy Program
Budd Lake, NJ – Virtual Corp. is now recognized as a participant in the BSI Americas Associate Consultant Program ("ACP"). BSI America Inc. oversees the ACP program to acknowledge consulting companies that BSI believes are credible and offer services that meet expected levels of knowledge, value and performance. The BCMM® is an assessment tool for businesses of all sizes to assist in improving their ability to recover from a disruption. Click HERE>>

Management of TISP Transitions to SAME
Alexandria, VA – In an effort to support their parallel missions to improve the nation’s homeland security and disaster preparedness, the role of Secretariat for The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) – a public–private partnership dedicated to improving the nation’s critical infrastructure resilience – has been transferred from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). Click HERE>>

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