eGUIDE brought to you every Wednesday by the Disaster Resource Guide - October 15, 2008

Free Webinar: Learn Steps to Prevent Workplace Violence. Hear leading expert on emergency management: identify the warning signs, develop a workplace violence prevention and preparedness plan and review the new role of Security and Human Resources. Click HERE>>

Standards to Enhance Organizational Resilience All organizations face a certain amount of uncertainty and risk. In order to maintain resilience, competitiveness, and performance organizations must have a system to manage their risks. Click HERE>>
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Update on Title IX: Voluntary Preparedness Standard, Certification for Private Sector
The recent plenary session of ANSI’s Homeland Security Standards Panel offered a number of valuable insights into how the public and private sectors would engage to implement Title IX of Public Law 110-53. To read more, Click HERE>>

Public-Private Chain of Command Secures LA’s Staples Center
Facility managers must work with police in an emergency to protect occupants – and that’s a partnership the LA police and Staples Center management have perfected. Click HERE>>

Five Mistakes Security Pros Would Make Again
Everyone makes mistakes — even IT security pros. But sometimes a mistake can actually improve security in the long run. Click HERE>>

Iowa Towns Not Signing Up for Flood Insurance
This spring and summer saw record-breaking floods in the Midwest. So why have 131 Iowa cities and counties not signed up for national flood insurance? Click HERE>>

FISMA Updates Would Require Annual Security Audits
The Senate is considering a bill that would update FISMA to require annual security audits and give chief information security officers more authority. Click HERE>>

McCain, Obama Pledge Money from Washington to Fight Crime
After last week’s scathing report that the government is spending too much on terrorism and not enough on crime, both McCain and Obama pledge more funds to fight crime. Click HERE>>

Four Categories of Cyberthreats to Dominate in the Next Year
While we can’t predict which cyberthreats we will face in the years to come, there are still certain categories of cyberthreats that will continue to plague IT security pros. Click HERE>>

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Free Webinar: Learn the Steps to Prevent Workplace Violence
Workplace violence is a growing threat. Hear leading expert on emergency management and continuity planning:

  • Identify the warning signs
  • Develop a workplace violence prevention and preparedness plan
  • Review the new role of Security and Human Resources
Click HERE>>

Honeywell Tightens Link Between Security System and IT Network
Minneapolis, MN – Honeywell released an updated version of its integrated security management platform, Honeywell Security Manager. The latest release – Security Manager R400 – provides greater visibility and control of all access and security systems through new features such as an enhanced cardholder management system, integration with Honeywell Temaline access control solutions and new visitor management options. Click HERE>>

SunGard Availability Services Outlines Five Steps for Effective BCP for SMBs
Wayne, PA – In today’s data–dependent world, many small-to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still have ineffective or nonexistent business continuity plans in place. SunGard Availability Services, provider of information availability solutions, has outlined five crucial steps every SMB must consider when creating an effective business continuity plan to safeguard themselves against unplanned or planned events. Click HERE>>

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