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Learn the Latest in Emergency Notification View the webcast "The Future of Crisis Communication: New Technologies for Real-Time Recovery", sponsored by Dell MessageOne. Discover technologies that accelerate resolution of events and better coordinate crisis response teams. Click HERE>>

A New Model for Hazard Mitigation and Long Term Recovery Planning As our emergency management system is rebuilt, the time is right for a new model for managing disasters that brings focus and resources to reduce the impacts of disasters. J.A. Bullock and G.D. Haddow explain. Click HERE>>
Learn what Incident Readiness requires, and how eBRP Toolkit Suite can help.

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Minneapolis Bridge Collapse a Cache of Lessons Learned
It's been more than a year since a bridge collapse in Minneapolis killed 13 people. What did we learn in the incident? Click HERE>>

IT Security Spending Expected to Continue Despite Economy
The global financial crisis is hard-hitting, but a new report suggests that it won't have much of an effect on security spending in 2009. Click HERE>>

Emergency Managers Need to Use the Internet, Study Says
The Internet is a great way for emergency managers to reach the public during a crisis. So why aren't they using it? Click HERE>>

Feds Miss ID Card Deadline
Did the federal government fall short of meeting an October deadline to issue secure ID cards to employees and contractors? A new report says it did. Click HERE>>

Are Overseas Companies More Secure than US Companies?
Companies in India, China and Brazil have more security controls than their US counterparts — or do they? Two new studies offer conflicting answers. Click HERE>>

Washington DC Police Launch Mass Notification System
The Washington DC police department and homeland security agency are joining forces to launch a new mass notification system that will let them e-mail and text message citizens. Click HERE>>

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Corporate Security, BC & Crisis Mgmt Conference NYC, Nov. 11-12. Examine and evaluate cutting-edge solutions from strategic, operational and tactical perspectives. Learn best practices. Concrete, practical concepts and plans to implement. Click HERE>>

Disaster Recovery Testing The ONLY book on this vital subject, addressing all types of contingency plans! Transform recovery testing from an afterthought to a powerful, disciplined and efficient development and implementation tool. Click HERE>>

CSI 2008: Reconsidering Security: Nov. 15 - 21; National Harbor, MD. Over 70 sessions will focus on the technological and management key security challenges that organizations need to address. Register early and save. Free pass to exhibition. Click HERE>>

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Corporate Security, Business Continuity & Crisis Management Conference
New York, NY — November 11-12 — "Managing Corporate Risks: The Next 'Wave' in Business...Will you be prepared?" Join senior executives from some of the world's leading companies, renowned policy experts, and government officials to examine and evaluate cutting—edge solutions from strategic, operational and tactical perspectives and learn best practices. Discover concrete, practical concepts and plans to implement within your own firm. This is an annual event from The Conference Board. The Conference Board is the world's preeminent business membership and research organization. Best known for the Consumer Confidence Index and the Leading Economic Indicators, The Conference Board has, for over 90 years, equipped the world's leading corporations with practical knowledge through issues-oriented research and senior executive peer-to-peer meetings. For an agenda, Click HERE>>

Third National Emergency Management Summit
Washington, DC — March 4 — 6, 2009 — An extraordinary confluence of events, both environmental and geopolitical, have coalesced to create a heightened risk of natural disaster, epidemic and terrorism in the United States. The National Emergency Management Summit seeks to assess these risks and articulate practical approaches to strategies for planning, response and recover. Click HERE>>

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