eGUIDE brought to you every Wednesday by the Disaster Resource Guide - November 26, 2008

ERMS WHITE PAPER: The "Emergency Notification and Crisis Management Service Selection Guide" covers key factors to take into consideration when selecting an emergency communications service such as data privacy, communications hierarchy, automated roll call and more, Click HERE>>

The Mouse in the Room: "Where’s the Planning for People?" This week’s expert, Kathryn McKee, writes on the importance of considering what can be gained, in preparedness planning, from HR’s close involvement with people, as learned through her own real life experiences. Click HERE>>
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USGS Video Shows How Science is Used to Help Prepare Southern California
An earthquake is not only a geological phenomenon – it can significantly change our lives. In US Geological Survey’s new video, "The Great Southern California ShakeOut: An Earthquake Scenario Based On Science," see how science is used to help prepare communities. Click HERE>>

The Top Five Do’s and Don’ts of Emergency Communications Systems
Emergency communications are critical, but it can be tough to get the systems to work properly in real life. Do you know how to avoid some of the most common mistakes? Click HERE>>

Emergency Managers Want FEMA Out of DHS
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many top emergency managers opined that FEMA should be pulled out of DHS. Now one group is making that opinion official. Click HERE>>

Voluntary Cybersecurity Approach Not Good Enough
Is the market-based, voluntary approach to cybersecurity the Bush administration has used good enough? A new report says it’s not. Click HERE>>

Texas Launches Disaster Recovery and Renewal Commission
Is the federal government’s disaster recovery system broken? Texas Gov. Rick Perry thinks it is, which is why the state has created its own recovery agency. Click HERE>>

National Governors’ Association to Help States with Public Safety Interoperability
Nearly every state has a statewide interoperable communications governance structure, but interoperability is still an issue. Will a new pilot program help? Click HERE>>

Government Warns of "Catastrophic" US Quake
Although California is traditionally thought of as an earthquake-prone area, much of southern and Midwestern US is also at great risk of facing catastrophic earthquake damage. Click HERE>>

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Protect Critical Cyber Assets with CyberLock®
Corvallis, OR - Videx announces CyberLock, a powerful access control solution for companies, municipalities, and government entities that need to secure access to their critical cyber assets. CyberLock brings intelligent access control to existing lock hardware simply by replacing each lock’s mechanical cylinder with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. No wiring is required for installation. Click HERE>>

FEMA Launches Initiative with IAEM, Save The Children and ARC
Washington - DHS’ FEMA is teaming up with the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), Save the Children Foundation and the American Red Cross to launch an initiative that will enable the emergency management community to better address the needs of children in disasters. "This initiative will involve concrete steps to focus attention on the needs of children in disasters..." FEMA Administrator Paulison said. Click HERE>>

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