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Provides nonstop, door-to-door service, with same-day or next-day delivery of urgent freight, valuable items or hazardous goods. Services are available 24/7/365, utilizing our trucking fleet for surface-expedited service. Air options, from exclusive-use charters to premium air freight also available. To learn more, Click HERE>>

The Ins and Outs of Evacuation Planning
Evacuation planning involves more than just organizing floor wardens and marking floor plans with exit travel paths. It requires a thorough assessment of evacuation scenarios, building construction, and utility systems, as well as regulatory requirements. Donald L. Schmitdt, a National Practice Leader at Marsh Inc., discusses this issue. Click HERE>>

Better 12 Things That Work POORLY Than One Thing That Works Well?
Is it really better to have 10 things that work POORLY than one thing that works well? This expert thinks so. Forget about specific threats when protecting your data and IT assets. Instead, focus on security in general. Click HERE>>

Tips on Business Travel Safety Offered
The rash of hostage takings in Iraq has many international companies reexamining security procedures for traveling employees. A recent article offers some general tips on how to safeguard personnel abroad. Click HERE>>

IT Managers Under Reporting Costs of Attacks, Some Suspect
Do you need to justify IT security expenditures? The average $800,000 damage estimate of an enterprise network breech is a bit on the low side-and this view is from an economist. Few security managers know how to tabulate the true hidden costs. Click HERE>>

Five Years Since Columbine: Are Schools Any Safer?
Much has been done to make schools safer since the deadliest school shooting tragedy in US history in 1999. But according to experts, similar attacks are likely to happen again. Click HERE>>

Critics Attack Plan For Yet Another Security Agency
Pundits are looking to the UK's MI-5 as a model for a brand new domestic counter-terrorism organization. However, some warn that the US already has enough agencies -- the trick is to make the existing ones work better. Click HERE>>

Rushing Into Sarb-Ox Compliance Might Cost You More: Gartner
Don't make any rash decisions when it comes to implementing Sarbanes-Oxley compliance solutions. You may just end up having to replace what you bought next year. Click HERE>>


PLYLOX™ Commercial Hurricane Window Clips NEW!
PLYLOX™ window clips are the inexpensive and non-destructive way to protect your windows from high winds and airborne debris. Installed in seconds, the clips require no drilling. Click HERE>>

It's Time to Think Mitigation

An earthquake can cripple the unprotected office in seconds. Estimated damage to desktop computers during the Loma Prieta earthquake (San Francisco) was $100 million. Equipment fasteners can make a difference.
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14th World Conference On Disaster Management
June 20-23, Toronto, 70+ Sessions/Exhibits. For professionals from all fields of Disaster Management. Best educational venue you'll find! 4 days of networking and learning from public and private sector experts.
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“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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Offshoring, Outsourcing and Global Resourcing
April 29-30 New York City

The session is geared toward HR professionals (and in-house employment lawyers) with cross-border responsibilities at multinational companies. There are some remaining spaces for representatives of multinational employers interested in an off-the-record workshop on the emerging HR "best practices" associated with offshoring. The program sponsor, XBHR, is a multi-disciplinary association of HR experts who focus on cross-border matters. For more information call (212) 969-2900 or email dburgess@proskauer.com.

DHS Announces Date for Next TOPOFF Exercise
U. S. Department of Homeland Security has announced that the next Congressionally-mandated Top Officials (TOPOFF) exercise will take place in April 2005. Scenarios in the exercise will take place in Connecticut and New Jersey. Additional TOPOFF activities will be conducted within the United Kingdom as part of a partnership to strengthen security in both nations.
"The TOPOFF exercises are an important part of our national preparedness strategy. To make our response system stronger, we have to identify our strengths and weaknesses through challenging scenarios. Those scenarios are an integral part of the TOPOFF exercise and they force us to gauge our readiness, test our internal communications and develop and reinforce relationships across all levels of government and the private sector," Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge said.
TOPOFF 3 is the third of the congressionally directed, weapons of mass destruction (WMD) national exercise series. The first was conducted in May, 2000, and TOPOFF 2 was conducted in May, 2003 with exercises taking place in Seattle and Chicago. For more information, contact

Enterprise DR White Paper by Collocation Solutions
Can you assess the recovery time needed for your business? And what type of recovery center will you need to back-up your mission critical applications? There are roughly 4 types of recovery back-up centers; Cold sites, warm sites, hot sites and mirrored hot sites. Use the recovery time example below to discern what type of recovery center your business needs:
Cold Site = High downtime tolerance, recovery time needed is 48-72 hours
Warm Site = High to medium downtime tolerance, recovery time needed is 24-48 hours
Hot Site = Medium to low downtime tolerance, recovery time needed is 4-24 hours
Mirrored Hot Site = Zero downtime tolerance, recovery time is 0
To download the white paper Click HERE>>.
Or for additional information, go to:

The Annual Information Security Meeting at the UN
"Best Practices and Solutions for Today's Global Threat".

Thursday, June 3, 2004, 9.00AM - 5.00PM, Conference Room 1, UN Headquarters, NYC
This year's Annual Information Security Meeting at the UN is one in a series of extraordinary ICT Forums held at the United Nations, NYC, since 1988. These events bring together a unique blend of world-class technology experts and key decision makers from both corporate and government levels. For more information go to www.aitglobal.com/responseform.html or call Carol Lackey at (631) 269-6740 carol_lackey@aitglobal.com

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