BELFOR'S Red Alert Program
Protect your organization's mission-critical assets by taking simple steps now. When you pre-register and become part of BELFOR's Red Alert, your corporate needs can be more effectively addressed if a disaster occurs. BELFOR is the worldwide leader in disaster recovery services. Click HERE>>

James Barr, managing editor of Security Management Practices, is a leading business continuity analyst, author and member of Who's Who in Finance and Industry. He suggests the next logical evolution of business continuity planning is to integrate the related disciplines of business continuity and enterprise security. Click HERE>>

Homeland Security: Are We There Yet?
The formation of the Homeland Security Dept. is the single greatest federal government initiative of the post-war era. But is merging elements of two-dozen government departments a "mission impossible?" A new article seeks answers. Click HERE>>

More Funds For Transit Security Needed, Experts Say
Public transportation officials in the US are hoping that with Washington's help, and $6 billion, they can prevent Madrid-style bombings on American trains and buses. Click HERE>>

Audits Reveal Gaps in Security, Readiness, Compliance And More
Think your IT infrastructure is secure? How about your BC/DR plans? Why not test them with an audit? For the whys and hows of non-financial auditing, Click HERE>>

Observers Second Guess Fed Anti-Terror Spending
It's a classic axiom of warfare: when you try to defend yourself everywhere, you end up being strong nowhere. Some critics are warning that Washington's efforts to prevent future terror attacks may be doing just that. Click HERE>>

Cyber Crime Losses Falling
A new study shows cyber crime losses have been on the decline since 2000, but the researchers warn against breathing a sigh of relief just yet. Read why. Click HERE>>


9th Annual Disaster Resource GUIDE
Copies of the recently released 9th edition are available, free, for distribution to your associates or groups of professionals involved in DR/BC and Emergency/Crisis Management.
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Most Affordable Emergency Notification/Escalation

MessageOne's AlertFind is the most affordable enterprise emergency notification and escalation service. It integrates with existing contact databases to locate any person, any group, anywhere, any time. Attend a demo, get a free book.
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Plan Now to Attend DRJ Fall World
September 19-22, 2004
San Diego, CA
DRJ's conferences are consistently top-rated by attendees. Register today to qualify for discounts and attendee prize drawings.
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“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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Cummins Power Generation Delivers Emergency Energy Solutions in Brazil
Minneapolis, MN, June 24, 2004 -- Cummins Power Generation-Brazil has responded to an emergency electrical shortage in Brazil, created by water and hydroelectric generation shortfalls. Cummins has become a leading supplier to the Brazilian power initiative, not only providing efficient and clean state-of-the art diesel and natural gas engine generator systems, but also delivering project management and financing. To date, Cummins has financed and commissioned three power systems for Brazil totaling more than 113 MW - enough power to supply a city of 350,000 people. Two of them were part of the strategic emergency energy plan of the Brazilian government's emergency energy agency for power plants. The third is for a building complex in São Paulo that includes a luxury hotel, a mall and office tower, and headquarters of prominent Brazilian and international companies.

The Brazilian projects are an example of Cummins Power Generation's growing focus on delivering total energy solutions to customers, rather than only providing generating equipment. For more information, visit http://www.cumminspower.com.

Computer Security Institute Workshops
John O'Leary, CSI Director of Education, has announced a series of workshops for the information security professional. For more information call (415) 947-6320 or email csi@cmp.com
Awareness Peer Group, August 10-11 in San Francisco
Introduction to Computer & Network Security, August 24-25 in Nashville, TN
How to Create and Sustain a Quality Security Awareness Program, August 26-27 in Nashville.

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