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Investors and Execs Unable to Agree on Greatest Threats
Leaders of the world's top businesses say they're focused on threats. The investors who watch them disagree. Click HERE>>

Exec Holds Surprise DR Drill, Grinds Business to a Halt
An overzealous executive decided to see just how effective his firm's disaster recovery plan was. A comedy-of-errors type story describes the real-life emergency that resulted. Would your organization suffer a similar fate? Click HERE>>

Biometrics: New Security or Just New Promises?
A recent article reviews the state of biometrics (iris or retinal scans, fingerprints, etc.) and questions the security value of these 'solutions'. Click HERE>>

IE Security Weakness 'Worst Yet'
Some call it the worst Web security breech yet. A new stealth virus infects Web sites and attacks visitors right through their browsers. Millions may have fallen victim. Are you next? Click HERE>>

Ham Radio Hobbyists Ready To Keep The Channel Open In Emergencies
Amateur radio operators recently put their ad hoc network to the test to see how it might aid authorities if disaster strikes. Click HERE>>

Honesty Is The Best Policy in a Crisis
Speedy, truthful disclosure of the facts after a disaster will help stave off negative publicity, say experts. Don't compound the damage by covering things up. Click HERE>>


Business Continuity Workshop
Participants learn best practices for designing a comprehensive, enterprise-wide Business Continuity Plan. Two instructors employ lecture and video clips to deliver an energetic, content-rich agenda.
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FedEx Custom Critical...

Nonstop or door-to-door service, with same- or next-day delivery. Available 24/7/365, utilizing our trucking fleet for surface-expedited service. Air options, from exclusive-use charters to premium air freight also available.
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More than 200 Conferences at Your Fingertips.
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“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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Steven Kuhr New COO of Criterion Strategies
NEW YORK, Jul 6, 2004 -- Criterion Strategies, Inc. announced today that Steven Kuhr has joined the firm as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Kuhr's responsibilities will include business development and oversight of the day to day operations.

Criterion Strategies, Inc. (CSI), founded in 2000 and formerly First Responder, Inc., is a premier provider of terrorism prevention and emergency management services focused on the protection of people, property and critical infrastructure. Made up of professionals with a wide array of emergency management experience, CSI is uniquely qualified to assist government agencies, municipalities and corporations prepare for, respond to and recover from emergency situations.

Mr. Kuhr was previously the managing director of Kroll, Inc.'s Emergency Management Group, with a diverse roster of clients that included the Port authority of New York and New Jersey, New Jersey Transit and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He comes to Criterion with over two decades of public safety and emergency management experience including serving as a deputy commissioner with the New York City Office of Emergency Management under the administration of former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

For more information, go to: http://www.criterionstrategies.com.

IBM E-mail Security Management Services Helps Mitigate E-mail Communication Risks
Armonk, NY -- IBM has announced a new offering designed to help companies reduce the risks inherent with e-mail communications. E-mail Security Management Services was founded on advanced technology and intelligence from MessageLabs Inc., one of the leading email security providers. The solution is delivered over a robust and resilient global infrastructure. IBM's E-mail Security Management Services acts as a company's first line of defense by scanning e-mail and helping to reduce threats such as viruses, spam and other unwanted content before they infiltrate an organization.

For more information, go to: www-1.ibm.com/press/

Aberdeen's IT Buyer's Guide to Security Currency Solutions - 3rd Edition-Free Copy for Qualified IT Buyers
This handbook is for IT buyers who must get ahead and stay ahead of problems posed by a tidal wave of security vulnerabilities across desktops, servers, network devices, and applications. The report provides:
An overview of the security currency capabilities now available
Definitions and examples of security currency solutions
Analysis of the motivations and rationale used for making purchase decisions for security currency systems

The IT Buyer's Guide to Security Currency Solutions - 3rd Edition is available at no cost to qualified professionals; others may purchase a copy for $1,495. For more information email inquiry@aberdeen.com or or call (800) 577-7891. Or visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/ab_company/hottopics/securitycurrency/register.htm.

Sonoma State University Announces New Course Offering
"Business Continuity and Survival: How to Keep Your Business Going When Catastrophe Strikes." The course, which provides a detailed view of the major issues in business continuity, costs $276. The dates are August 13, 14, 20, 21 at Sonoma State University, located in Rohnert Park, CA.

The instructors are John Laye, FBCI, author of the book "Avoiding Disaster: How to Keep Your Business Going When Catastrophe Strikes," and Craig Zachlod, Ph.D. For more information, visit http://www.sonoma.edu/exed ; or call (707) 664-2394 or fax at (707) 664-2613.

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