Corporate Security, Business Continuity & Crisis Management Conference

The Conference Board, the world's leading business membership organization which conducts seminars, studies and trend analyses in the public interest, is offering an executive level business continuity conference for members as well as the public.
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Business Continuity...Reflections on the Past and Predictions for the Future Lyndon Bird, internationally recognized expert and a recipient of the "Business Continuity Consultant of the Year" award, reflects on his 20+ years in the BC profession, the history and future of the discipline. To hear valuable insight that could impact your own decisions, Click HERE>>

E for Emergency Mail
Washington DC is unveiling a new public broadcasting system that will see emergency information transmitted to area residents in the form of text messages. Click HERE>>

IT Managers Play the Part of Angry Customers
Financial industry CIOs have formed a grass-roots-style coalition to press IT developers to take more responsibility for security flaws in their enterprise solutions. Click HERE>>

Wireless Communication System Could Save Lives in School Emergencies
A new portable wireless device will give educators and first responders vital information instantly in a school shooting or emergency situation. Click HERE>>

Feds Hide Gaps In Coastal Security
Washington says it's taking action against ports and harbors that are not living up to tough new security regulations, but it's not releasing the names of the worst offenders. One observer says the public needs to know which ports are too lax. Click HERE>>

Passwords Often Don't Pass The Muster
An easily hacked password is like an unlocked backdoor into your organization. Are your team-members' passwords too obvious? How about your own? Click HERE>>

Boy Scouts Earn Badges For Preparedness
More and more Boy Scout troops across the US are offering CERT training to their members. A recent emergency responder association magazine praises the initiative. Click HERE>>


Disaster Recovery Books!
Check out the newly expanded bookstore - your source for 100's of books, software tools, videos and research reports. Over 60 new titles!
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PLYLOX Commercial Hurricane Window Clips

PLYLOX window clips are the inexpensive and non-destructive way to protect your windows from high winds and airborne debris. Installed in seconds, the clips require no drilling.
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2004 Asia Pacific Fraud Convention & Trade Show
Sydney, Australia, Four Seasons Hotel
August 29 - Sept 1, 2004
 "Managing Fraud Through Strategic Partnerships,"  solutions to fight fraud across all frontiers. 
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“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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MessageOne Launches Most Affordable Enterprise Emergency Notification & Escalation Service
AUSTIN, TX - MessageOne today announced AlertFind, the most affordable enterprise emergency notification and escalation service that does not require maintaining a separate contact database. Designed for executives and crisis management personnel, AlertFind locates any person, any group, anywhere, at any time, and securely delivers alerts and strategic information simultaneously across virtually every available communications device.

AlertFind integrates with key enterprise systems to enable companies to leverage existing contact information sources - rather than maintaining a stand-alone emergency notification database that is costly, complex to maintain, and often outdated. AlertFind offers automatic synchronization with enterprise messaging systems (Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes); enterprise resource planning and human resource systems (PeopleSoft and SAP); disaster recovery planning software, as well as all other generic ODBC data sources.

AlertFind is available immediately directly from MessageOne or through OEM relationships with key partners SunGard Availability Services (NYSE: SDS) and IBM's Business Continuity & Recovery Services, starting at $500 per month for an enterprise. For the complete press release, Click HERE>>

For the MessageOne corporate site, visit http://www.messageone.com/drg.

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Syska Hennessy Designs Revolutionary Cooling System for High Density Data Centers
Uptime and Availability Improved

Los Angeles, CA - Syska Hennessy Group, a leading national consulting, engineering, technology and construction firm, has designed a revolutionary new cooling system to better meet the demands of today's high density computer data centers that takes uptime and reliability to a new level, while saving costly data center space through greatly reduced square footage requirements. "Smart Server Solution is a breakthrough concept that benefits a broad range of companies and facilities for which 24/7 server uptime and reliability are critical," according to Jun Yang, a senior consulting engineer with Syska Hennessy's Critical Facilities Team.

"Our clients don't just have critical facilities, they have what we call Hypercritical Facilities
- which can be found in places like data centers, web-hosting and telecom facilities; electronic banking and check processing centers; clean rooms and research labs; call centers; on-demand providers; and hospital operating suites and emergency rooms," Yang said.

For more information, visit Syska Hennessy Group (http://www.syska.com).

Homeland Security Assists Emergency Responders with Unveiling of New Internet Course on America's New National Incident Management System
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced today a new online course that will help first responders understand the concepts and principles underlying the new National Incident Management System (NIMS) and to begin incorporating NIMS into their own planning and policies. To streamline coordination at the federal, state and local levels, President Bush directed the creation of NIMS, a newly developed, standardized incident management approach to emergency incidents.

"NIMS establishes standard incident management processes, protocols and procedures so that all responders - including those at the federal, state, tribal and local level - can coordinate their responses, share a common focus and place full emphasis on resolving the event," said Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. "This new course introduces NIMS in a way that is easy and accessible to the nation's emergency responders."

The course can be found at: http://training.fema.gov/EMIWEB/IS/is700.asp.

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