Agility now offers "Membership Services" for the small to medium marketplace. For $200 per month, get access to a Mobile Recovery trailer equipped with desktops, fax machine, Intel servers, satellite telephony and Internet access, all within 48 hours of a declaration. Call 1-800-567-5001 for details. Click HERE>> for white paper.

Mass Evacuation: FDNY Firefighter Perspective On March 10, FDNY dispatchers were alerted to an out-of-control locomotive near the Queens-Brooklyn border, where hundreds of chemicals are developed and transported yearly. People are concerned about accidents and terrorism. Peter Blaich shares his thoughts on evacuation. Click HERE>>

Scientists Predict Stormy Weather Ahead

In the aftermath of Ivan more and more people are asking: Are there more hurricanes this year? Absolutely, say scientists, and we can expect many more in the years to come. Click HERE>>

Hackers Work to Boost Security
A group of computer hackers is looking for ways to exploit our economy through cyber terrorism. But when they find a way in, we’ll all be a lot safer. To find out why, Click HERE>>

Lawmakers at Loggerheads over Anti-Terror Formula
As lawmakers rush to pass 9/11 Commission recommendations, they seem less eager to give more of the country’s anti-terror funds to big cities. Do big cities deserve more funds? Click HERE>>

Do Security Dollars Go Where Risk is Highest?
Over the past two years, more than $8 billion in homeland security funds have been dispersed across the country to fight terrorism. But are those dollars going to the right places? Click HERE>>

DHS Follows Private Sector to Fight Cyber Terror
The DHS is depending on the private sector to lead in fighting cyber terrorism, according to the deputy director of the DHS’s cyber security division. Will that strategy protect us? Click HERE>>

Are Our Seaports Safe?
While the DHS handed out more money to boost seaport safety last week, the chief of one of the nation’s ports said that we haven’t done nearly enough. To find out more, Click HERE>>


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Disaster Recovery Books!
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Corporate Security, BC & Crisis Management Conference
The Conference Board, the world's leading business membership organization, is offering an executive level BC conference for members as well as the public. Click HERE>>


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The 2004 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey Web cast
September 30, 2004 – Get the answers you need when you join Computer Security Institute and NetIQ for a discussion of the 2004 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey. Robert Richardson, CSI Editorial Director and author of the Survey, will explain the Survey results and what they mean to you. You'll gain unique insights into the following key findings and more: virus was the No. 1 source of financial loss, followed by denial of service attacks; fewer organizations are reporting computer intrusions to law enforcement; most organizations do not outsource computer security functions; the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is beginning to have impact on information security; most organizations conduct economic evaluation of security expenditures. Click HERE>>

New OTEC Transfer Switch Delivers Reliable, Cost-Effective Load Transfer
MINNEAPOLIS, MN – September 8, 2004 – The new OTEC Automatic Transfer Switch from Cummins Power Generation is designed to provide dependable and cost-effective load transfer for a wide range of emergency and standby power applications. Featuring an easy-to-use microprocessor-based control panel, the new OTEC switch provides reliable load transfer between a utility service and generator set. For more information, visit http://www.cumminspower.com

Five Days To A Security Breakdown!
Security is about the people, environment, processes and policies involved. Individuals and corporations will eventually find the right balance. This book saves time and money. Rick Smith (ID10T Errors, Inc.) gives the different perspectives of five members of a fictional company as they collectively race towards a security breakdown. The book is available at your local bookstore, or online. ID10T Errors are always in search of new stories, ideas and authors to work with. For more info, call 828 234 1875 or email ideas@id10terrors.com

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