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Backup to the Future An interview with Allen Ruster of EMC. Why has "Backup-to-Disk" become important, what are its benefits, how does it relate to existing tape infrastructures, how does one assess its implementation? Find expert answers to these questions and more. Click HERE>>

Do Early Warning Systems Work?
Officials are looking to create a tsunami early warning system for the Indian Ocean, but how effective are these systems if they can't warn people in remote areas? Click HERE>>

Security Experts Debate Licensing Computer Users
Experts say using the Internet without a license is more dangerous than driving a car, as users open themselves to crippling viruses. Should we force a license to browse? Click HERE>>

National Emergency Response Plan Aims to Cut Confusion
A new set of emergency response standards gives local responders the primary responsibility of managing emergencies, but will they clarify the roles of first response in our nation? Click HERE>>

Text Messages Aid Disaster Recovery
Text messaging was put to good use in the aftermath of the tsunami when cell phone signals were too weak to hold a voice conversation. Can it be put to use during any emergency? Click HERE>>

Intelligence Reports a Decline in Terrorist "Chatter"
Intelligence officials say they have noticed significantly less communication among suspected terrorists. But does the decline in terrorist talk mean we are any safer? Click HERE>> to find out.

House Approves Homeland Security Panel
The 9/11 Commission called for a single committee to oversee the DHS. Now the House has given that committee the green light, but with fewer powers than were recommended. Click HERE>>

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State Of New Jersey Deploys E Team to Ensure Homeland Security Interoperability and Emergency Response
Los Angeles, CA - E Team, Inc. announced that the State of New Jersey has deployed the E Team solution to extend its crisis management capabilities and ensure its ability to share incident data among state agencies. Originally deployed in the state's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) earlier this year and activated for the Republican National Convention and recent regional flooding, the new system will now be made available to agencies and departments throughout the entire state to manage both everyday incidents and large-scale events. Once fully implemented, the E Team system will connect the New Jersey State Police Office of Emergency Management with all of the 21 counties and state agencies. Click HERE>> for additional information.

Business Continuity Planning (5-day course)
Business Continuity Planning is an effective 5-day business continuity training course designed to teach both principles of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and practical methods to develop, test, and maintain your own business continuity plan. This Business Continuity Training course is based on industry best practices and guidelines and is designed to help you protect your business. Details at: http://www.sentryx.com/

Virtual Corporation Announces Business Continuity Maturity Model(SM) Assessment Training
Flanders, NJ - Virtual Corporation, Inc., a consulting services corporation, announces its upcoming seminar for individuals to become licensed Business Continuity Maturity Model(SM) (BCMM(SM)) assessors. The 2-day seminar will be held on January 20 & 21, 2005 in Flanders, NJ. The cost of the program is $750 US Dollars, including all BCMM(SM) courseware and Assessment Toolkit. For detailed seminar information, course agenda and a registration form and upcoming training classes please visit their website: http://www.virtual-corp.net/html/bcmm_training.html

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