BELFOR'S Red Alert Program
Protect your organization's mission-critical assets by taking simple steps now. When you pre-register and become part of Belfor's Red Alert, your corporate needs can be more effectively addressed if a disaster occurs. BELFOR is the worldwide leader in disaster recovery services with more than 100 offices and 3000 plus employees worldwide.
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Workplace Preparedness—The Catalyst to a Resilient Community
Kathy Rainey, Publisher of Disaster Resource GUIDE, urges companies to evaluate their current level of emergency preparedness. What plans are in place for medical response, search and rescue, shelter in place, personnel support for 72 hours. To learn more,
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BCP for the 24/7 Firm: What’s It Going To Cost You?
Downtime is not an option for the ‘always-on’ business. But how do CIOs with these firms actually find feasible and cost-effective BCP/DR plans that promise continuous availability? One expert has answers. Click HERE>>

Urban Terror Simulator In The Works
A new training simulator which assists fire, police and emergency professionals prepare for a future bio-chem attack is being developed and tested in the capital city of Ottawa. Click HERE>>

Nanos Go To War
The global war against terror, so huge in its scope, may one day be won by the tiniest of warriors: nano-machines. The fascinating prospect is discussed in a new book. Click HERE>>

New Book Covers Emergency Management’s Origins and Evolution
How did FEMA, the US Dept. Homeland Security and the patchwork of state and local emergency management agencies come into being? More importantly, how will they work together during the next crisis? A new book seeks to address these questions. Click HERE>>

Data Recovery Lessons Learned After California Wildfires
A story in the San Diego Union Tribune about charred PCs, destroyed data and remorseful computer owners reminds us why it’s so important to always back up our valuable data.
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“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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Register Now and Save $50 on DSPN's One-day Business Continuity Workshop.
Participants learn best practices for designing a comprehensive, enterprise-wide Business Continuity Plan. For discount, use this promotional code: "e-guide6" Click HERE>>

The safest and easiest way to transport a disabled person, in an emergency, down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The ADA requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees.
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PACS 2003 Conference on Physical and Cyber Security November 19, Washington D.C. CGH Technologies, Inc. will host a one-day seminar focused on multiple security disciplines for Federal and industry experts at the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C.
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