Protect your critical applications during any crisis by taking the risk out of your replication and failover process. This guide describes best practices to avoid the top 5 flaws of replication systems. Download this MessageOne sponsored white paper to learn more. Click HERE>>

Responding to Outbreaks Whether the cause is natural or a result of bioterrorism, companies can take steps to reduce the impact of a communicable disease outbreak. Jeremy Haworth tells us more on key issues to be addressed when exerting control over such a crisis. Click HERE>>

The Pros & Cons of Managed Security
There's a lot more at stake to outsourcing IT security than just saving a few bucks. Do you know how to make the right decision? Click HERE>> to find out.

New NYC Plan Puts Police in Charge at Biological Attack
Fire officials in NYC are seeing red after a city emergency response plan puts the police in charge of the scene at any chemical or biological attack. What has them up in arms? Click HERE>>

House Panel Elevates Cybersecurity Post
The government has finally conceded to elevating the position of the DHS's cybersecurity chief in the department. But is it enough to protect our critical IT infrastructure? Click HERE>>

Ameritrade Warns 200,000 Clients of Potential Data Breach
Every week brings more news of customer data breaches at companies who hold our sensitive data. This week, Ameritrade warned 200,000 of a breach. Will these breaches never end? Click HERE>>

Cyberattack Early Warning Center Begins Pilot Project
A non-profit group creating an automated cyberattack early warning system is asking companies to share their data on network attacks, but will they give up the information? Click HERE>>

Ridge Looks at Future of Homeland Security
Now that he's no longer homeland security secretary, Tom Ridge is speaking more freely about the future of homeland security in this country. Does he think we're on track? Click HERE>>

Four Conference Board Events for BC, DR and Crisis Mgmt The Business Continuity, Security & Crisis Management Seminars will offer key strategies for senior mgmt to limit risk, control damage, sustain operations and effect recovery. Click HERE>>

PLYLOX™ Commercial Hurricane Window Clips NEW! PLYLOX™ window clips are the ingenious, inexpensive and non-destructive way to protect your windows from high winds and airborne debris. Installed in seconds, the clips require no drilling. Click HERE>>

READY! The emergency preparedness and response conference that helps government officials, emergency management and first responders effectively prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from unexpected major accidents, disasters and attacks. Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

IBM's Resilience Program Assessment
Maintaining business continuity was once viewed in the context of maintaining disaster recovery plans. Today, however, you must address the entire range and level of your company's exposures. To fully address them today's professionals need to focus on business resilience. To help you understand and measure your organization's end-to-end business resilience program maturity against industry-leading practices, IBM offers the Resilience Program Assessment. The process guides you in determining best-practice management goals for business resilience and provides you with prioritized recommendations in the form of an action plan to move your business resilience program forward. For more information:

3rd National Floodproofing Conference
Charleston, WV - September 12-16. This conference is seeking presenters and exhibitors. The Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and FEMA co-sponsor this important floodproofing / retrofitting specialized conference every three years. Attendance is high among local officials and contractors who work with zoning, permitting, construction, funding floodproofing projects, and business continuity. Abstract submittal deadline is April 1. Get the call on the ASFPM website at - click on the Floodproofing Conference logo on the home page. Please contact Conference Director Wallace Wilson at for more information.

CCEP appoints new Chairman of the Board
The Board of Directors of the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness (CCEP) is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian E. Thompson as Chair of CCEP. Dr. Thompson succeeds Brian Miller, a founding Member of CCEP. Dr. Thompson is a seasoned engineering designer with specialized expertise in fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, convective heat transfer, and vehicular design. He has also led pedagogical research exploring how to teach engineers to be innovative. Among his current areas of research is the development of tertiary education for Emergency Preparedness and Critical Infrastructure Protection. For more:

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