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Public-Private Collaboration: What's In It for Each? From the perspective of ensuring BC in an organization, understanding the plans and powers of the local authority could mean the difference between recovery or business failure in an emergency. Ian Charters explains. Click HERE>>

New Jersey Sets School Security Agenda
By launching a program to protect schools from terrorist threats, New Jersey is hoping to be at the forefront of protecting our schools. What is your state doing to protect your kids? Click HERE>>

Computer Users Reveal Passwords for Free Coffee
What would it take for you to give up your passwords? Apparently, two-thirds of us would hand them over for a free cup of coffee. Does that mean your employees would too? Click HERE>>

Security Not Comprehensive at Chemical Plants, Expert Says
Only one-sixth of the nation's 15,000 chemical facilities are governed under federal regulations. Now that responsibility has shifted from the EPA to the DHS, will we be any safer? Click HERE>>

Tape Backup Company Loses Time Warner Tapes
Time Warner announced that an outside data storage firm lost personal information of close to 600,000 employees. Did their disaster recovery plan create another disaster? Click HERE>>

The Battle Between CSO and CISO
Want to climb the security ladder by becoming a CSO or a CISO? Better think about it, say experts, because both titles might end up extinct. What will take its place? Click HERE>>

Morgan Stanley May Have Pre-9/11 E-Mails
After shelling out $1.65 million in 2002 for failing to keep e-mails, Morgan Stanley may have found e-mails it thought were destroyed in the September 11 terrorist attacks. Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

MADRA General Meeting and BIA of Mock Organization
College Park, MD - May 19 - The Mid Atlantic Disaster Recovery Association, Inc. announces their upcoming general meeting. At this meeting, they will conduct a tabletop Business Impact Analysis exercise of a mock financial organization, which should be a good learning experience and an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas. Their February meeting fabricated the mock organization called Centurion Investments, and discussed the need for management awareness and business impacts. The May meeting will review what was done at the first meeting, and break into teams to do the BIA, followed by a critique. Directions can be found on the website.

RIMS Expands RIMS Fellow Requirement to Include ALARYS Certificate
New York - May 10 - The Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS) announced today that the RIMS Fellow (RF) designation has been enhanced to recognize the ALARYS' Certificate as eligible for its risk management foundation requirement. RIMS and ALARYS have partnered to increase RIMS Fellow eligibility in Latin America and other parts of the world. The RIMS Fellow is the credential for the experienced risk professional. Some of the benefits of this designation are an increased knowledge base, leadership opportunities, improved credentials, and career development. For more information about the RIMS Fellow program, please see

2005 Public Health Homeland Security Summit
Arlington, VA - July 7-8 - The Public Health Homeland Security Summit is designed to align public health systems with NIMS guidelines. Information will also be presented on improving emergency communications during a crisis as well as grant and funding opportunities for public health. Key speakers include: John Clizbe, PhD, Emergency Planner for City of Alexandria and retired Vice President of Disaster Services, American Red Cross; Lloyd Novick, MD, MPH, Health Commissioner, Onondaga County; and Michael J. McMullen, Emergency Response Coordinator, North Central Conn. District Health Department. For more information, please go to:

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