Notify one or thousands during any crisis using scenario-based e.Notify software with automatic response-taking and escalation features. Free white papers on NIMS/ICS & HEICS requirements, webinar/demo on selecting and using notification systems, more from Amcom. Click HERE>>

A BC Perspective on the Subject of Fire Drills We can improve the effectiveness of fire drills and extract additional value from them. By taking a fresh look at the objectives and outcomes we can enhance the existing evacuation procedures. Jim Burtles tells us more. Click HERE>>

FTC Rules Against Company Over Data Breaches
Amid news of data breaches and tough talk from Congress, the FTC moved against a Fortune 500 over its data protection. But will the ruling keep our personal information safer? Click HERE>>

Cybersecurity Threat is in Our Hands, Expert Says
Tiny computing devices are causing the U.S. to face the threat of cyberattack, says one security expert. Could terrorists use this technology to find a new way to attack the country? Click HERE>>

Corporations Should Take the Lead in Homeland Security, Expert Says
Companies are far better equipped than the government to protect the homeland, says one expert. Is it time for companies to think of themselves as foot soldiers in the War on Terror? Click HERE>>

Most Think Government Should Keep Internet Secure
The majority thinks the government should be responsible for security over the World Wide Web. But should it be the government's responsibility to keep the Internet safe? Click HERE>>

IT and Physical Security Joining Hands
IT departments and physical security pros can't afford to work alone anymore. As the two become more entwined, is it time for a marriage of IT and conventional security? Click HERE>>

Information Security Show Highlights New Threats, Old Problems
IT security professionals are caught between aging Internet protocols and new, tough data privacy regulations. They're starting to ask: Are we losing the war on malicious code? Click HERE>>

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American Red Cross Four Hour Full Scale Hurricane Response Exercise
Washington, DC - Recently, 153 Disaster Services Volunteers from the Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross along with several partner organizations conducted a four (4) hour full scale hurricane response exercise. The exercise had Disaster Services Volunteers throughout the chapter's eight (8) counties dealing with issues such as long-term sheltering, conducting needs assessment, undertaking damage assessment, deploying the chapter's mobile kitchen and much more. For the full story on the exercise please visit the following web site:

Emergency Preparedness for Government Facilities
Colorado Springs, CO - This workshop provides you with strategic resources to prepare for, and recover from, any emergency or disaster. This course will help you create, or improve, your organization-wide emergency management plan to ensure all procedures are in place and all equipment and personnel needs are addressed so you can respond to an emergency situation quickly and instinctively. These performance processes are becoming more important, and may eventually be recognized (or mandated) by the federal government. For more information, please go to:

Air-Base Air Cell Structures
Fairfield, VA - A new line of shelter technology, Air-Base inflatable shelters, has been introduced as a newly formed division of Base-X, Inc., manufacturers of Base-X brand shelters. Air-Base shelters are fully inflatable with the unique design feature of continual air cells which are joined together to form a customizable base and hangar space in the field. Almost any design can be manufactured to accommodate a wide range of customer requirements. The 20-year life expectancy shelters have a patented design that provides a free-standing shelter that does not require guy wires, which are critical to other structures to prevent unsupported fabric sag. For details, go to:

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