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The Regulatory Landscape & BCM Since 2001, most BCM regulatory requirements and standards have been enhanced or expanded to deal with the threat environment as well as focus on corporate governance. Brian Zawada & Michael Keating discuss the common ones and their requirements. Click HERE>>

Is Your Bank Protecting Your Data?
It won't matter how hard you work to protect your financial data if your bank doesn't have a good security policy in place, says one expert. Does your bank protect your data? Click HERE>>

Majority of Floridians Have Hurricane Plans
A new poll suggests that more than 80 percent of Floridians have a plan in place to deal with a potential hurricane. Are we finally getting the message about emergency preparedness? Click HERE>>

Keep IT Governance Simple, Experts Say
A simple chart - on a piece of paper, no less - could be one of the most effective governance tools a company can use. Should we look to the past to move to the future? Click HERE>>

Job Satisfaction Low at Homeland Security
Employees at the DHS are some of the most disgruntled people working for the federal government, a new survey has found. What does that mean for national security? Click HERE>>

California to Close Loophole in ID Theft Law
Lawmakers in California are backing a bill to tighten the state's ID security laws. But will the new legislation really keep our data safer? Click HERE>>

Survey Finds Internal IT Attacks on Rise
Last year, financial institutions had never heard of either "phishing" or "pharming." This year, a new survey has found both to be the top threats finance companies are facing. Click HERE>>

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Rentsys Expands Fleet of Mobile Recovery Centers
With their additional inventory of high-end, quick-deploy MRCs, Rentsys now has the ability to recover up to 500 users to a client's chosen recovery location within 24 to 48 hours. Used in tandem with MRCs, clients can recover 1000+ users over a 5-day period. Once on site, the MRCs can be ready in 3 hours or less with Rentsys' specialists managing the setup process. Coupled with their fleet of computer hardware, MRCs can help you recover your office, data center, or call center at the location of your choice. For more, please go to: http://www.disaster-resource.com/articles/press_rentsys_expansion.shtml

The Association of Contingency Planners Announces Albany, NY Chapter
Albany, NY - June 24 - The ACP, an organization for professionals in the field of Business Continuity Planning, announces the chartering of its first chapter in the state of New York. Located in Albany the "New York Capital Region" chapter will provide networking, educational, and professional development services to the rapidly growing number of business continuity professionals throughout the area. "The New York Capital Region Chapter is ACP's first endeavor into the State of New York and the New England area. Albany is an extremely important location as ACP continues its' expansion throughout the Northeast. The ACP is also planning chapters in New York City and Buffalo," says Jim Crosson, ACP Chapter Services Director. To read more about ACP, please visit: http://www.acp-international.com

EnvoyWorldWide Survey of Business Continuity Professionals Nationwide Examines How Business Continuity Professionals Prepare for Unplanned Events
Bedford, MA - EnvoyWorldWide(R), provider of enterprise notification services, recently revealed the results of its second annual survey, Trends in Business Continuity and Risk Management, including the top priorities in and threats to business continuity. Commissioned by EnvoyWorldWide in conjunction with Risk Solutions International, this blind survey was conducted among members of several business continuity organizations including some ACP Chapters, BRMA and the Contingency Planning Exchange, for a regional cross-section of BC managers. The survey was designed to identify business continuity and disaster recovery practices and trends as well as to compare trends to those uncovered in the initial survey conducted in May 2004. To see the results, click on the following link: http://www.envoyworldwide.com/form/press_survey.shtml

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