Strohl Systems offers a sample supply chain BCP survey and article. Find out how to ensure your key vendors have an adequate plan in place before something happens and download the free sample survey from the global leader in BCP software and services. Click HERE>>

Addressing Privacy Issues During Disaster Recovery Here are some key areas where planners need to be concerned with private and personally identifiable information when creating, updating, and testing disaster recovery plans. Rebecca Herold explains. Click HERE>>

Information Sharing is Key to Security, Antiterrorism Experts Say
While the government is improving its information-sharing procedures, some say even greater sharing will help better protect us from terrorism. Click HERE>>

Ten Ways Your Disaster Recovery Plans Can Hurt You
Ideally, having a disaster recovery plan will help guide your company through any disaster – but we don’t live in an ideal world. Can your DR plan do more harm than good? Click HERE>>

When Good Security Goes Bad
With so many high-profile cases of data security breaches hitting the news, some experts are starting to ask: are good intentions enough to protect us from identity theft? Click HERE>>

Theme Parks' Emergency Response Questioned
Theme parks are often called the happiest places on earth, but what happens when their emergency response goes wrong? A report suggests theme parks need to do more to prepare. Click HERE>>

End of Terrorism Risk Insurance Act a Danger, Expert Says
One major terrorist attack could strip the insurance industry of its ability to help after a crisis, says one expert, as a government program for the industry is in danger of ending. Click HERE>>

Risk Managers Say Insurance Market Softening
A new survey says more than half of risk managers for Fortune 750 companies say premium rates will reach their lowest point in 2007, 2008. Why the drop? Click HERE>>

Dialogic Communications Corp. DCC provides emergency notification technology that automatically alerts first responders, personnel and communities- at-risk during critical/ routine situations while offering unrivaled technical support. Click HERE>>

The safest and easiest way to transport a person, in an emergency, down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees Click HERE>>

A Disaster to Prepare You for All Others… Los Angeles ., CA – July 14 – Experience a disaster simulation so real, so wild, so exciting, it will leave you breathless, exhausted and … prepared. Find out how you would perform in an actual disaster! Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

The Association of Contingency Planners Announces Cleveland, OH Chapter
Cleveland, OH – ACP, an organization for professionals in the field of Business Continuity Planning, announces the chartering of its first chapter in the state of Ohio. Brian Zawada, Chapter President and founding member states, “Our goal is to share planning experiences and best practices through developing methods to increase the visibility of business continuity in our organizations.  Most importantly, we want to reach out to the many planning groups here in Ohio and invite them to participate in creating a diverse knowledge-sharing forum.” “We are quickly approaching our 30th chapter milestone. Our growth demonstrates the expansion of our industry and more importantly the necessity for ACP to provide a venue to support new and existing professionals as continuity planning matures,” says Leah Farr, ACP Public Relations Director. www.acp-international.com is ACP’s URL to find out more about them.

Disaster Ready 2005 All-Hazards Collaboration Conference
Garden Grove, CA – August 25-26. Located near Disneyland this year, this is the first annual Disaster Ready Conference. Come learn how you and others of diverse responsibilities (allied health, ambulance, EMS, fire, hazmat, hospitals, law enforcement, military, etc.) will combine forces to effectively respond to mass casualty events, natural disasters and weapons of mass destruction incidents. Let’s start “Putting It All Together” in order to Prevent, Respond and Recover. To learn more, go to: http://www.emsa.ca.gov/data_inf/disasterready2005A.pdf

Industrial Fire & Security Conference & Expo

Galveston, TX – November 9-10. When industry is faced with accidents, disasters and in-plant emergencies, industrial fire-fighting, security and emergency response personnel must have the knowledge and skills to quickly and efficiently mitigate these situations. The Industrial Fire & Security Conference & Expo (IFS) brings together the key State, Federal & Municipal Agencies/Law Enforcement Departments, Training Organizations, Energy Company Operators and Responders to learn the latest trends, technologies and solutions for operating in today's reality. Go to http://www.ifsevent.com/index.asp for details.
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