Keep Business Apps Accessible
Whale's SSL VPN lets employees work from home, hotel, or alternate recovery site - using any web browser. Provides access to critical applications, email, files while adhering to corporate security policies. Click HERE>>

Terrorism & the All-Hazards Model
The argument that the all-hazards model is good for natural disasters but cannot accommodate hazards like terrorism is most often based upon a fundamental misunderstanding of the model. Author and educator William Waugh explains. Click HERE>>

Lawmakers Debate Changes to Patriot Act
As London reeled in the aftermath of more bombings, Congress was working on plans to extend the controversial Patriot Act. Will the extension protect us from terrorist attacks? Click HERE>>

Compliance Hampers IT Security
Companies around the globe are dedicating all their resources to comply with regulations like the SOX Act. But is this mad dash for compliance compromising IT security? Click HERE>>

DHS Sets National Cybersecurity Test for Fall
Often taken to task over its failure to lock up the nation's cybersecurity, the DHS has announced it will launch a national exercise in the fall to test its preparedness. Click HERE>>

Visa Launches Campaign to Reduce Identity Theft
The store clerk just might be able to help ensure your personal data remains safe, as one credit card company launches a new campaign to prevent identity theft. Click HERE>>

Supply Chain Security Programs Not Faring Well
A new report is suggesting that government-led programs to improve supply chain security aren't successful. Does that mean our supply chains are at risk? Click HERE>>

Congress Seeks to Improve Military Technology Sharing
Military technology is starting to help the civilian sector arm authorities to fight the war on terror, but are we still overlooking some of the most promising new technology? Click HERE>>

Managing Data in the 21st Century IBM Webcast Series. Explore practices designed to help improve operational efficiency and cost optimization and eliminate common causes of lost data integrity - to help you meet today's business demands. Register now! Click HERE>>

Emergency Lifeline Catalog 72-hour Personnel Support EvacuationSearch & Rescue Medical ResponseFood & WaterSanitationMuch More! Supplying companies worldwide since 1985. "We can be afraid or we can be ready," Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge. Click HERE>>

SAVE THE DATE! November 12-16. The IAEM 2005 Annual Conference & EMEX will take place November 12-16 at the Phoenix Civic Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The theme is "Emergency Management: Local, Regional and Global Successes." For details, Click HERE>>>

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Managing Data in the 21st Century
IBM Webcast Series. Join us this summer for our Webcast series. Together, we will explore techniques and practices designed to help improve operational efficiency and cost optimization and eliminate common causes of lost data integrity. Topics in this series include:
·     Business issues associated with managing data
·     Point-in-time replication, backup and recovery
·     Realtime replication
·     Online backup and e-mail recovery
Register now!

Dealing With Disasters™
Sunnyvale, CA - Pat Jocius, ex- OES Director, in San Mateo, CA, has created a training tool for schools to teach ICS, role responsibilities and tabletop exercises with 42 different scenarios. Its training tool takes only 15 minutes for school staff to prepare for any emergency using the Federally recommended Incident Command System (ICS). Onsite training classes offered include first aid, evacuation procedures, damage assessment, and hands-on search and rescue. Through an analysis, customized plans and training can be created to prepare your school to be able to respond to any situation, whether man-made or natural. Lots of free information on emergency preparedness is at their website: www.dealingwithdisasters.com

Pinnacle Training Academy is providing Business Continuity Maturity Model® Assessment Training in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur & Hong Kong
Flanders, NJ - Virtual Corporation, Inc., a consulting services corporation, announces that Pinnacle Training Academy (Business Unit of TPGI PTE LTD) is providing upcoming training for individuals to become licensed Business Continuity Maturity Model® (BCMM(R)) assessors in the following countries: Singapore - August 29 & 30, 2005; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - September 7 & 8, 2005; Hong Kong - September 12 & 13, 2005. Please visit Pinnacle Training Academy's website: http://www.tpgi.org/P_training/P_training.htm for detailed information. Visit Virtual Corporation's website for more information on the Business Continuity Maturity Model®: www.virtual-corp.net.

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