EnvoyWorldWide Survey Results: Trends in Business Continuity and Risk Management
The need to prepare for unplanned events is imperative. View the survey results to discover what your peers consider the top priorities in business continuity and risk management initiatives for 2005. Click HERE>>

Terrorism and Prevention Are the London bombings Al Qaeda or not? How hard is it to protect ourselves? What are the major challenges? Are they coming to America and can we do anything about it? Hank Chase, Critical Infrastructure Protection strategy expert expounds. Click HERE>>

Chertoff Won't Take Sides on First-Response Grant Formula
As the House and Senate continue to battle over how to allocate first-response and terrorism grants, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff is refusing to take sides on the issue. Click HERE>>

NYSE Criticized Over Governance Policies
When the New York Stock Exchange acquired Archipelago Holdings, the company promised it would be a model for good corporate governance. But did that promise come true? Click HERE>>

Homeland Security Lists Few Toxic Threats
Terrorists could choose from 60 biological and nuclear agents to use as weapons against us. So why has the DHS only classified four of them as the highest level threats? Click HERE>>

IT Security Profession Still Maturing, Survey Says
While awareness of IT security is growing, a new survey suggests IT security professionals still have to answer to different powers and aren't solely focused on security. Click HERE>>

Homeland Security to Launch RFID Systems at Border Crossings
The DHS will install radio frequency technology at five border crossings, but critics of the technology are concerned that the program will put privacy rights at risk. Click HERE>>

ID Theft Victims Have Trouble Clearing Their Names
More than one quarter of identity theft victims aren't able to clear their name, even after spending more than a year of their time to restore their reputations, a new survey has found. Click HERE>>

Protect your critical applications during a crisis
by taking the risks out of replication. This guide helps you avoid the top 5 flaws of replication systems, creating a more resilient IT infrastructure. Sponsored by MessageOne. Click HERE>>

Emergency Lifeline Catalog 72-hour Personnel Support EvacuationSearch & Rescue Medical ResponseFood & WaterSanitationMuch More! Supplying companies worldwide since 1985. "We can be afraid or we can be ready," Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge. Click HERE>>

DRJ's Fall World 2005 September 18-21, Experience a disaster simulation so real, so wild, so exciting, it will leave you breathless, exhausted and...prepared. Find out how you would perform in an actual disaster! Click HERE>>


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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

Private Companies and Public Agencies to Jointly Test Emergency and Disaster Response Plans with Major General Doyle Larson (USAF Retired)
St. Paul, MN – Major General Larson will lead the Red Team in Operation Reality Check, an annual private business cooperative disaster scenario exercise, September 27-29. The exercise, administered by RSM McGladrey, was developed as a means for both the private and public organizations to test and validate their incident response and disaster recovery plans. It will challenge the operational environment and highlight the interdependence of the organizations. For details, go to: http://www.missionmode.com/company.html

Managing Data in the 21st Century
IBM Webcast Series. Join us this summer for our Webcast series. Together, we will explore techniques and practices designed to help improve operational efficiency and cost optimization and eliminate common causes of lost data integrity. Topics in this series include:
·     Business issues associated with managing data
·     Point-in-time replication, backup and recovery
·     Realtime replication
·     Online backup and e-mail recovery
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Journal of Emergency Management
JEM is an established, respected resource for academics and practitioners involved in research, news, and policy relating to all aspects of emergency management including disaster planning and response, recovery, business continuity, infrastructure security, and mitigating loss of life and property. Solid, practical everyday information and the latest in theory and research combine to make Journal of Emergency Management a must-read for all professionals and academics in the field. For advertising and subscription information, visit the Journal's Web site at

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