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The HUB Promotes Your Products & Services to Local and Global Marketplaces

Since 1996 the Disaster Resource GUIDE has been energetically promoting 1000s of exceptional products that help build resilience in the public and private sectors.  Though we didn’t call it resilience back then, it was the same basic goals:  to aid in effective emergency response, to ensure business continuity no matter what, to understand and manage risks and disaster recovery when needed.

Today we have the Risk and Resilience HUB, an online platform that brings all professionals together to learn, connect and collaborate.

The HUB has three levels of listings – each with distinct features and costs.  We have kept the pricing economical to further our goal to build a comprehensive directory that covers all aspects in our six categories:

  • Enterprise Resilience (i.e. the big picture –planning and management)
  • Human Concerns
  • IT Availability & Security
  • Communications & Network
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Incident and Crisis Response

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